KardiaChain Launches KAIDEX, a Decentralized Cross-Chain Token Trading Platform


KaiDex first-of-its-kind exchange leverages features of CEX and DEX for a best-of-both-worlds experience HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam — KardiaChain, the first decentralized, interoperable, and self-optimized blockchain infrastructure platform, has announced the launch of KAIDEX V2, a decentralized cross-chain KRC-20 token trading platform that utilizes the best aspects of DEX and CEX for an unparalleled … Read more

Blockchain comics announces first NFT release

This article was first published on NFT News Today Blockchain comics are due to release their first highly anticipated product in their comic metaverse Satoshi: Master of Disguise. Initially, an Avatar sale that sets the foundations for something much much bigger. Here’s a little background to wet the appetite… Satoshi: Master of disguise While centralized … Read more

Minedhash is testing a new app Blockchain News Reader

As the crypto world explodes into life once more, we are proud to announce that our new app, Blockchain News Reader, is now out on Google Play. This is the ‘Open Beta’ phase, which is used to iron out any glitches is being developed by virtuallyanything.tech. We are asking our friends and readers in the … Read more

Grand Sport Auto Gaming NFT

Grand Sport Auto NFTs

This article was posted first on this site. What is Grand Sport Auto? A one-of-a-kind digital evolution NFT Game collection on Ethereum. Each NFT represents a sports automobile in a full blockchain Play to earn racing ecosystem game. The automobiles are Auto Generated randomized NFT’s that can be rolled with unexpected combinations with unique strengths. The initial game classes … Read more

NFT News Today – A platform for everything NFT related

NFT News Today is an English language media and education platform for everything NFT related.  The aim of NFT News Today is to distribute only meaningful news, updates, and reviews.  Launched in late 2020, NFT News Today covers the latest NFT art, gaming, collectibles, virtual worlds, music, and sports projects.  In a short period of … Read more

Warning – Crypto Scammers

Scam Alert

Scammers use messages (email, text, phone) to trick you into giving them your personal information. They may try to steal your passwords, account numbers, or Social Security numbers. Armed with that information, they can gain access to your email, bank, or other accounts. Scammers launch thousands of phishing attacks like these every day — and … Read more

NFT Artist Spotlight – Adel

In this edition of our ‘NFT Artist Spotlight’, we spoke to Adelson Tavares aka Adel, an expert in Game Art and Illustration, who has started using his incredible abilities to make the NFT Space a more interesting place. Adel’s Background Hailing from Aracaju, Brazil, Adel describes himself as a coffeeholic by choice and an artist … Read more

NEXT Protocol’s Technological Advancement: The year 2021

Next Protocol

NEXT Protocol is an upcoming and unique platform that is providing the creators, designers, and engineers to create and deploy their own robots, games, artworks and earn tokens from the marketplace. It is now expanding in various geographies with more advanced functionalities for ease of use. Technology has changed so much in recent times that … Read more