A deeper look into the F*CK FIAT NFT collection

I am from Perú where NFTs and Crypto are almost unheard of. With the pandemic hitting LATAM quite hard, many of us lost our sources of income. Therefore, I began researching what was the smartest ways to invest the little I had saved up. I started digging deep into Bitcoin and everything it stands for … Read more

Alchemix Finance unlock your future yield

alchemix finance

Alchemix Finance is a one-of-a-kind DeFi protocol that enables the creation of DAI stablecoin pegged synthetic tokens representing future yield. In other words, the protocol assigns deposited DAI stablecoins to the Yearn Finance liquidity aggregator to start earning yield. However, instead of seeing your returns grow over time, you can receive an advance on these … Read more

Earn crypto with Aioz Tube and Aioz network nodes

Aioz blockchain streaming service

Aioz Tube is a new streaming service or Content Delivery Network (CDN) created by the Aioz Network, that allows you to earn crypto. They state that they intend ‘a revolution ’in the streaming entertainment industry by using blockchain tech. They can do this because ‘AIOZ uses a faster, cheaper, and more robust platform for content … Read more