Call of Duty to get crypto assets

Call of Duty creators Activision announced yesterday that their latest first-person shooter game: COD – Warzone Battle Royale is getting an in-game crypto asset.

This comes after its main competitor Fortnite launched its crypto Fortnite V-Bucks, with incredible success for Epic Games.

There was some mystery shrouding this launch of the franchise. As in previous iterations Activision revealed who would be developing the game before the launch.

Since launching the COD franchise in 2005, the development rotated between Treyarch, Sledgehammer Games, and Infinity Ward.

This latest COD will feature a huge battlefield where over 100 players can play simultaneously.

However, unlike previous versions Warzone is a free to play, which is also a first.

Spendable Crypto Asset

Call of Duty Points is the crypto.

Players can either buy COD Points, or they can earn them for completing contracts.

Players can then collect or go to buy stations to use their COD points on ingame purchases like premium weapons and skins.

Coming on the back of Fortnite’s crypto success and with this COD being free to play, the in-game currency system will make for some serious revenue for Activision.

Fortnite V-Bucks is hugely successful for Epic Games. And the gaming giant’s revenue is increasing substantially as players’ hunger to buy new skins.

The crypto in COD Warfare Battle Royale isn’t fungible, and users cant trade for profit on an exchange like cryptocurrencies.

The crypto asset isn’t technically a cryptocurrency, which will ease the pain of having to deal with the taxman for players.

COD is such a huge franchise it’s hard to see how this game won’t be a success.

Sure there have some bad releases in the past, but Activision has bounced back many times and COD is still a leader in the gaming market.

Activision noticed the success of Fortnite’s crypto economy and now wants some.

It’s a natural fit for them and all gaming companies, and even though it’s not utilizing the full capabilities of crypto assets and blockchain.

ERC1155 tokens

ERC1155 tokens are likely to help this move along much quicker.

The new Ethereum protocol allows the in-game use of both fungible and non-fungible in the same game.

The ERC1155 tokens can represent anything from currency to skins, and can be coded to be rare or have superpowers.

It will give players the option of buying rare items to collect and use or give themselves a better chance in the game.

The player owns the gaming tokens and the ability to move them from game to game.

With Activison and Epic Games making inroads to the crypto ecosystem,  its exciting times for the gaming and crypto communities.

And it remains to be seen if this version of COD will be a success.

And with the progress of the ERC1155 token and hopefully governments clarifying their stance on different crypto assets.

It’s only a matter of time that Activision and Epic fully embrace crypto and blockchain.

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