Lloyds of London doubles down on crypto

Banking giant Lloyds of London has launched a new insurance policy for the crypto asset market.

The policy, in conjunction with Coincover, is to protect against losses arising from the theft of cryptocurrency assets held in online wallets.

It’s the first of its kind and offers flexible limits from as little as £1,00, which can increase or decrease in line with price volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Big Boost For The Crypto Space as Lloyds Doubles Down

It’s a major shot in the arm for the crypto space as such a banking giant is wanting to get into the crypto space.

It’s actually the second major piece of news regarding Lloyds’

Last week crypto wallet BitGo began offering its users Lloyds insurance cover of up to $100 million.

Cryptocurrency wallets are pieces of hardware or software that is basically an interface showing you how much cryptocurrencies you have.

However, cryptocurrencies do not leave the blockchain’

If you have access to the wallet, you have access to the cryptocurrencies they display.

Because wallets are a centralized database, they’re attractive to hackers.

Although they are relatively secure and can have multiple levels of security, hacking and phishing are getting more sophisticated. And so some see the need for insurance is a necessity.

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Lloyds of London Doubles Down on Crypto Commitment

Lloyds Aiming To Be A 21st Century Bank Lloyd’s policy is part of its Product Innovation Facility (PIF), which aims to be the world’s most customer-centric digital insurance platform.

The ambition for the Facility is to become a marketplace that offers better value for the changing and diverse needs of customers.

They aim to achieve this through highly-responsive, cutting-edge risk management products, and services.

Lloyds Insurance for Crypto Asset Market

A spokesman for Lloyds Insurance arm, Atrium said:

‘There is a growing demand for insurance that can protect cryptocurrency as it becomes increasingly popular.

It is a testament to Lloyd’s that the market has put together an innovative solution to mitigate these new risks and protect against. ‘

David Janczewski, CEO, Coincover, says:

“We are delighted to have worked with Atrium and the Lloyd’s PIF members to bring such a unique and timely solution to the crypto asset market.”

As the crypto asset market heats up again at the start of 2020, a new wave of crypto-curious customers are standing by at the ready to jump in.


This is all bullish news for the crypto space, especially considering banks wouldn’t touch crypto 2 years ago.

Many crypto purists want to be rid of banks altogether and see cryptocurrencies as the replacements for banks altogether.

As much as that might be a nice idea, it’s not feasible, at least for the next couple of decades. And besides insurance cover is necessary for mass adoption.

Author: Tommy Limpitlaw

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