Atari Invests in ‘The Sandbox’

Ethereum game, The Sandbox sold out an incredible 12,384 LAND parcels, raising 3,330 ETH in less than six hours yesterday.

It’s the third sale to completely sell out for the game that has partnered with gaming giant Atari. It also makes it the fastest-selling presale in the gaming industry.

This latest round included 19 new investors including Atari, who will all set to stake a claim in The Sandbox Metaverse.

Virtual Worlds a Welcome Break From Coronavirus Isolation

The latest LAND sale comes at a time when most people are locked up at home due to coronavirus, so a virtual world is an attractive proposition for gamers. But still, the amount sold is impressive.

The previous two sales took place in December 2019 and February this year, selling 6,192 and 12,384 LAND parcels, respectively. The three sales combined make it 21,576 LAND parcels sold to date, which equates to just under 20% of the total LAND that will be sold.

The Sandbox is a virtual world in which players can monetize their own creations and explore the Sandbox metaverse sing community made 3D Voxels.

Gamers get to meet new friends, build their own things and create gaming experiences that could potentially earn them SAND Tokens.

LANDs Are Unique Digital Properties on The Sandbox Metaverse

There are 166,464 LANDs in total, and each one is unique, and can be traded on the Ethereum network. With each LAND, players can monetize each LAND by creating virtual buildings and/or renting it out.

LAND owners will find their new acquisition on their marketplace profile. They should now be able to add information, a logo, and up to three preview images of the LANDS.  These will become available with the launch of the Game Maker.

Sebastien Borget, COO & Co-Founder of Ethereum game ‘The Sandbox’ said, ‘Together with ATARI, we are going to recreate game experiences inspired by their most popular games. Players will be able to play versions of Roller Coaster Tycoon or Asteroids with a 3D voxel look. We are also planning on building an Atari theme park-like universe with a variety of their game titles.’


It’s a very exciting time for The Sandbox, Ethereum, and blockchain gaming in general. The amount sold in all three rounds shows the interest in blockchain gaming is real.

It seems inevitable that blockchain gaming is the future. Finally, gamers will have the opportunity to buy, sell and rent their virtual items. Therefore, I believe this could create a massive economy not just on Ethereum, but on all blockchain gaming platforms.

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