Blockchain to transform finance

It made the flow of communication almost instantaneous and brought knowledge to our fingertips, and for the first few years the mainstream took no notice and businesses didn’t see the significance of it.

Nobody saw it coming, but once mainstream adoption of the Internet took force, disruption of many legacy industries was inevitable. Media, Shopping and how we consume entertainment have changed beyond our imagination.

One industry that was hardly disrupted by the WWW., however, was the financial system. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will change that. The financial system knows this, and they know that they have to either embrace it or die like newspapers, shopping malls and Blockbuster did.

Blockchain and The World Wide Web of Today

Blockchain and the world wide web today is like the Internet of the 1990s. However, rather than transform the transaction of information, it is revolutionizing the way we record and exchange value.

Sending transactions of any amount to anywhere in the world, securely and almost instantaneous and at a minimal cost is the backbone of blockchain technology. And the financial industry will adopt it, and in doing so, it will help create trillions of dollars to the world GDP. Read More…

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