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CryptoEase daily crypto lowdown is an English language cryptocurrency and blockchain media and education platform.

The aim is to distribute only meaningful news and education from the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Launched in March 2019 by co-founders Mickey Diorio and Tommy Limpitlaw, CryptoEase has a growing foothold in the crypto media space, and is gradually building respected partnerships within the blockchain ecosystem.

The CryptoEase brand is growing and as well as the main media outlet Cryptoease there is a network of cryptocurrency and blockchain related media and education platforms.

CryptoEase is a small but growing family of independent journalists, technical analysts, web developers, researchers and cryptocurrency nerds.

The aim for CryptoEase is to save its readers’ time by disseminating only valuable news and provide them with solid and trustworthy technical analysis and blockchain education.

The team of journalists investigate news from the space and their mission is to inform, educate and entertain the readership by sharing their creative wisdom.

Because CryptoEase is only a small team of journalists, the research team plays a vital role.

With so many scams and a deluge of irrelevant and fake news that floods the Internet, it’s not easy to decipher what’s legitimate. Every nonsense article read is time wasted, so the research team weeds out the babble and delivers only what’s relevant.Only newsworthy items are published on the website, so the research team read through the news daily and whatever the journalists don’t cover, CryptoEase will aggregate from other respected sources.

CryptoEase is on several social platforms and has a handy following on each. Each social page is updated daily with what is regarded as the most important news from the team. You can follow them at the relevant handles:

CryptoEase recently opened its own online store, where you can buy all different cryptocurrency and blockchain related goods. Whether you’re into mining and want a trustworthy supplier, or would like to buy the best and most recommended books, CryptoEase only sells tried and tested items from suppliers in the US, Europe and China.

2020 Roadmap

The aim for CryptoEase is to launch a dedicated news platform for all cryptocurrency related projects that are deemed to be worthwhile. Of course this is a subjective matter, but the team research daily and are in the planning stage to launch several more websites this year.

CryptoEase will launch its weekly newsletter in Q3 2020. This will be free for all members and will cover the main news and technical analysis from the previous week. The newsletter will be delivered to every members’ inbox free of charge and will be packed full of only important stuff.

A YouTube channel dedicated to news from the crypto ecosystem is planned and will be launched in Q4 of 2020.

Cryptocurrency education is vital for the future growth of this innovative tech, and CryptoEase aims to educate its members with free courses about the technology, investing, trading and growing movements within the space, such as DeFi and automation.

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