Decentralizied domains with Unstoppable

Most people associate blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies, and while they do go hand-in-hand, it must be noted that blockchain has many other uses too, like decentralized domains.

Decentralized domains are domains built on a decentralized architecture, and the beauty is that it has the security of the blockchain they’re built on.

Is There a Need for Decentralized Domains?

First of all, the Internet as we know it is completely centralized.

The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names controls legacy domains such as ‘.com’, ‘.org’ and ‘.net’.

In addition to this, website owners must purchase and host through other centralized corporations.

Since each step in the process is heavily centralized, it becomes easy for authorities to seize or even take down a domain.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the looming global recession, Internet censorship is once again on the rise.

Censorship was once considered a trait of authoritarian China, Russia, and North Korea, however, that notion is rapidly changing.

The pro-democracy advisory board Freedom House, noticed a sharp and worrying increase in global internet censorship among democratic nations.

So the need for something that can’t censor content is what’s needed.

Time for Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is a San Francisco-based blockchain company that launched in 2017.

The company has two main aims:

  • to give control of the Internet back to the people by creating censorship-resistant decentralized domains
  • to enhance crypto adaption by streamlining payments through readable cryptocurrency addresses.

Unstoppable Domains comes with a new top-level domain name ‘.crypto’ and utilizes both Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains.

The result is a neutral and decentralized third party that can host domains live on the blockchains.

Blockchain domains are extremely secure and for safekeeping owners can lock them away in a crypto wallet.

As it result, it becomes virtually impossible for authorities or even Unstoppable Domains to take a domain down.

This gives owners complete control over the domain and the authorities cannot confiscate content.

This is in stark contrast to other centralized domain authorities that store your content on your behalf.

Unstoppable Domains is also compliant with the decentralized IPFS (InterPlanetary File System).

This gives users full immunity and allows content to be permanently posted on the Internet without fear of government or third-party interference.

Readable Crypto Addresses / Domains

The company is also looking to drive crypto adaption by doing away with long unreadable crypto addresses and replacing them with human-readable words.

The process is very similar to how DNS (Domain Name System) transformed the Internet.

In the early days of the Internet, users could only view sites or send messages to one another by using long and cumbersome IP addresses.

While the system worked it wasn’t very practical.

Eventually, DNS and human-readable addresses linked in the background replaced IP addresses.

This allowed users to type in the names of the websites they are looking for instead of messing around with IP addresses.

Unstoppable Domains took the same approach to cryptocurrency transactions.

The result is a blockchain DNS that replaces long unreadable cryptocurrency seeds with readable domain addresses.

Sending or receiving cryptocurrencies, therefore, couldn’t be easier.

Users simply have to attach their crypto wallet address to one domain and they can receive payment through the domain name.

What’s more, since you only require one name for all your wallets, users can receive multiple cryptocurrencies through the same address.

Unstoppable Domains will automatically reroute it to the corresponding wallet making sending cryptocurrencies as easy as sending a message.


Unstoppable Domains is one of the more interesting and legitimate blockchain projects.

Undoubtedly it could dramatically transform how we use the Internet.

The team has done a fantastic job in a short time.

Furthermore, they have received notable funding from Draper Associates and backing from both the Zilliqa and Ethereum Foundations.

If you want to get on the adaption chain early, follow the link below to see what Unstoppable Domains have to offer.

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