3 signals its Ethereum’s time

The Ethereum price is up over 5% since the start of the year, which is really impressive considering the market crash triggered by the coronavirus lockdown.

The Ethereum network has some solid fundamentals shining through, that signals ETH could be set for more upwards movement.

With an increasing number of projects being developed on the Etheruem network, serious accredited investors highly interested in it, partnerships with major banks, and an ever-blooming DeFi space, it could be time for Ethereum to let the shackles of the last two years go.

Here are 3 signals Ethereum’s time is coming… ConsenSys and JP Morgan Merger An announcement of a merger between Ethereum-based software developer Consensys and JP Moragn’s blokchain arm Quorum recently rocked the blockchain space.

Quorum is a blockchain-based network, built on Ethereum, and it currently serves JPM’s decentralized network of more than 300 banks and financial institutions.

JP Morgan’s stable coin JPM Coin will also be built on Quorum, meaning all transactions will be handled on the Ethereum blockchain. Read More at Ethereum Nexus;

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