Atari teams up with Arkane Network

Gaming legend Atari moved one step closer to launching its new cryptocurrency, atari token.

This is after it announced that the gaming classic was joining forces with Arkane Network to help with the creation and launch.

The partnership will see Atari and Arkane Network work together on the token.

Furthermore, it allows full use of Arkane Networks decentralized monetization platform, SDK and API.

Atari and Arkane Network

Atari is the most iconic of gaming brands, with popular games such as Pong, Tetris, and Asteroids.

Arkane Network, a Belgium-based global monetization platform, and API and SDK provider for several blockchains.

Its all-in-one solution allows the launch of powerful products powered by blockchain technology.

Many see Arkane as the perfect solution for game developers and content creators to monetize and secure digital goods.

And with both NEO and 0xGames already utilizing their infrastructure, it’s not surprising to see a giant like Atari team up with them.

Arkane’s API allows developers to build dApps various APIs.

In addition, once the Atari token launches, other developers using the API can integrate Atari Token as an in-game currency.

This is something Arkane co-founder, Tim Dierckxsens pointed out during the announcement.


‘Atari is a pioneer in the video game industry, and it is great to see how they understand blockchain technology’s increasing role in the development of the economic landscape within video games and entertainment,’ said Dierckxsens. ‘With this partnership, we will bring game developers, the gaming community, and the Atari Brand together to embrace blockchain technology as a solution to record digital assets and value transactions.’

Speaking of the partnership, CEO, Fred Chesnais said,

‘Our partnership with Arkane is another significant step toward broad adoption of blockchain initiatives across interactive entertainment, and specifically our Atari Token cryptocurrency as a secure means to buy, sell, and trade digital assets.’

Crypto Interests

It came to light in 2018 that Atari was partnering with Infinity Networks, Ltd (INL) with the sole purpose of creating a blockchain gaming project.

Then in March, we reported that they were looking to have a public sale of the Atari Token.

This token should be in use for online casinos by the end of Q3 this year. With that announcement, Chesnais said the company was ‘excited about the prospect of cryptocurrency casinos.’

Shortly after that announcement, there was more news regarding the company investing in Ethereum ‘The Sandbox’ game creators. This should see The Sandbox developers working with Atari to recreate classic games, but with an in-game crypto asset.


Atari has a vested interest in the cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, they are a market leader throughout the video gaming industry.

Arkane is a leading supplier of API and SDK for many blockchains and is a perfect partner for Atari.

With the launch of its cryptocurrency supposed to be due this year, it seems like Atari isn’t slowing down even with the coronavirus impact.

With Arkane Network’s expertise along with Atari’s brand, we can expect to see blockchain gaming adoption begin to take off.

Author: Tommy Limpitlaw

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