Best cheap mechanical gaming keyboards

In the fast-paced and competitive world on online gaming, having the right keyboard can make or break your gaming experience.

The mechanical keyboard has emerged as the preferred choice of most gamer’s around the world due to its tactile feedback, incredible durability, and sheer speed.

What are mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards are similar in design to the type of keyboards that began to emerge in the 8’s.

The design works by placing plastic switches underneath the metallic keycaps.

The switches reduce the amount of space needed to register a click and as a result, keys only need to be pressed halfway down to send a signal.

Mechanical gaming keyboards have a unique look and come with a host of customization features such as RGB lighting and removable switches.

Are mechanical keyboards better for gaming?

Mechanical keyboards will definitely improve your gaming experience.

In fact, mechanical keyboards outperform standard membrane keyboards in every department.

They are faster, more accurate thanks to increased spacing between keys, fully customizable, and hands down the most durable keyboards for gamers.

Drawbacks of mechanical keyboards

The main problem with mechanical gaming keyboards is that they come at a price. A top of the range keyboard can cost in the region of $150.

Of course, there are cheaper options but its important to remember that not all keyboards are created equally and many generic brands offer substandard reliability and break easily.

Buying the wrong keyboard could end up costing you more money in the long run.

Top mechanical keyboards

Cheap and quality are two words that don’t usually go together.

However there are exceptions, and after testing the top-selling gaming keyboards on the market, our team of experts have compiled a list of the best cheap mechanical gaming keyboards.

Best Keyboards at a glance

Tecware Phantom

Rottay TH-306

Redragon K552

Eagletec KG011

Corsair K55

Tecware Phantom

Tecware Phantom

The Tecware Phantom is an affordable 87 key mechanical keyboard that is packed with premium features.

The near boarder-less design is compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

You get the choice of red, brown or blue Outemu switches that are really comfortable and precise.

The floating key design allows LEDs to reflect off the surface of the keyboard.

Additionally,  the Phantom comes packed with 20 vibrant pre-set RGB backlight configurations to get you started.

If you are looking for a compact and cheap mechanical keyboard for gaming, the Tecware Phantom is a great choice.

Rottay TH-306

Rottay TH-306

The TH-306 is one of the quietest affordable mechanical keyboards you can buy.

The low-noise Outemu brown mechanical switches are great for gaming and offer tactile and precise feedback.

The keycaps feature a unique hollow design that fits your fingers easily and prevents the characters from fading.

The TH-306 excels at gaming and comes with 104 programmable macro keys that can be reassigned for advanced gaming.

100% anti-ghosting is another great feature that you don’t usually associate with cheap mechanical keyboards.

Anti-ghosting means that all your clicks register no matter how fast you play.

Redragon K552

Redragon K552

For those on a tight budget, the Redragon K552 60% mechanical keyboard is a cheap and small gaming keyboard that offers the best value for money.

The tenkeyless design is compact and constructed from a durable metal alloy that can stand up to the toughest gaming conditions.

Furthermore, the K552 comes with a host of premium features, such as Outemu key switches, precision-engineered keycaps and plate mounted keys.

The RGB lighting features 19 different lighting effects complete with a whole range of customization options.

Furthermore, the key-caps have been meticulously designed to provide clear uniform backlighting.

Eagletec KG011

 Eagletec KG011

The Eagletec KG011 is a cheap and affordable mechanical gaming keyboard with a unique appearance.

The slick spill-resistant ergonomic design is extremely comfortable and the KG011 makes for superb gaming or office keyboard.

The sturdy keyboard base is made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

Additionally, the custom mechanical switches are durable and responsive.

All 104 keys are conflict-free and the space-saving design makes the KG011 surprisingly compact.

The Eagletec KG011 is a great choice for gamers looking for a top of the range budget mechanical keyboard.

Corsair K55

Corsair K55

The Corsair K55 is a cheap and powerful gaming keyboard that is packed to the brim with premium features.

The quiet and responsive keys are dust and spill-resistant so you won’t have to worry about any accidents getting in the way of your gaming.

The K55 also comes with six programmable macro keys that are sure to give you an in-game advantage.

In addition, the dedicated media controls allow you to control you media without interrupting your game.

Corsair is known to have some of the best software in the business and the K55’s iCUE software is no exception.

The software is easy to navigate and comes with an extraordinary assortment of customization features.

For those on a budget, the Corsair K55 is the best cheap mechanical keyboard you can buy.

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