Brave chooses Ethereum blockchain

It’s been revealed that Brave Software, Inc. the company behind Brave Browser initially built Brave Browser on Bitcoin, before transferring over to the Ethereum blockchain.

In a Twitter spat about why Brave chose Ethereum over Bitcoin , it got even Bitcoin OG Adam Back involved.

Back responded, ‘Someone could help unstick them by forking out the shitcoin, and using ‘Bitcoin lightning.’

This then led Brave developer, who goes by the Twitter handle @BraveSampson, to explain why they had chosen to shift chains.

 Why Brave chooses Ethereum over Bitcoin

In his response, Sampson explained the prototype had been launched on Bitcoin but because the Bitcoin network was continuously congested. Also, the network fees were so high. This was without question why they would move. ‘BTC/LN wasn’t ready.’ He signed off with.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave Software, Inc. is a privacy conscious, free open-source Internet browser, created by JavaScript creator and Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich. It is used by more than 13 million unique users, who are attracted by what many believe to be next-gen Internet browsing.

With ad-blocking at the heart of Brave’s brand, it also blocks crawlers and blocking scripts, and is considered the most secure browser for any device.

Brave considers any data to be owned by the user and not the firm. The ads are blocked by default. However, users can opt in to receive advertisements. As a reward Brave will pay a percentage of the income from advertising companies to the user. The payment is in the Browser’s token BAT.

Brave and BAT Now and In The Future

Brave is definitely one of the more interesting dApps built on any blockchain. It is relative success comes as no surprise to many, but where does Brave see itself in the future?

BAT has grown in fundamentals since launching. The token is one of the most widely-used cryptocurrencies. It and Ethereum scale and iron out the awkwardness of tokenized platforms. So it is hard to believe that Brave won’t continue to grow.

A recent partnership announcement with crypto exchange Binance, saw the launch of an in-browser trading widget. The partnership helps users to connect directly with Binance and use the exchange’s services for transactions and storage, while never leaving Brave browser. They have also added support for Gemini exchange.

According to Brave developer Sampson, Brave will continue to use BAT on Ethereum, but would always consider adapting to whatever suits the company best.


Depending on the person you ask, you will get a completely different response. Bitcoin and Ethereum maximalists will no doubt shill the use of said blockchains. It remains to be seen whether  Brave chooses Ethereum will live up to its promise, but the same can also be said for Bitcoin.

Respected OGs such as Adam Back feel inclined to comment on it, because they see the potential of it, and I have to agree. Brave is a success, and being a publisher and a user I have to say the experience is better than Chrome or Safari. I also get paid while surfing the Internet and I know my data is mine.

However Brave and BAT evolves in the future, it will be interesting to see. But with partnerships with giants like Binance, and a user base of 13 million, they’re doing something right.

Author: Tommy Limpitlaw

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