Brave introduces video conferencing

Brave Together is Brave’s answer to video conferencing privacy.

The folks at Brave have gone and done it again. Our favorite crypto-inspired private web browser just keeps on grabbing everybody’s attention.

With claims already on the best browser for privacy, now they’re going to test-launch a video conferencing service to compete with Zoom.

Zoom became the darling of the masses, industry and governments during the current coronavirus pandemic.

However, this sudden mass adoption showed discernible flaws in its privacy and security.

Think back to the report from Singapore in April, when lewd pictures started appearing during online teaching classes.

Seeing the obvious need for better security and privacy Brave decided to launch Brave Together.

How Far on is the Development?

The Brave Together video conferencing service is a version of the open source encrypted video software, Jitsi.

Which incidentally, we at MinedHash use for conferencing.

Recently, Edward Snowden, a man well known for his views on privacy endorsed Jitsi as the best privacy video conferencing software.

However, the service is currently in testing in the USA by users of Brave Nightly  Brave Nightly is a sandbox used by Brave for testing and developing the Brave browser.

Once all the chinks have been ironed out the full version will launch on the Brave browser.

In the meantime, you can still use the 2 people calling service, and don’t forget to add it to your favorites.

Brave Going from Strength to Strength

Anybody who is a regular reader of this site will know the high regard, we at MinedHash have for Brave Browser.

Therefore, the launch of Brave Together which uses end to end encryption, into the video conferencing industry.

This shows again just how much potential this crypto company, which uses the BAT crypto currency, has to offer.

Furthermore, with more and more crypto projects starting to show real life uses, Braves focus on your privacy, is one of the most exciting.

Why not be part of this exciting project by joining the Brave affiliate program and earn brave rewards? You can read all about it here.

You can download the Brave browser below.

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