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2020 is quickly becoming the year of Bitcoin, or should that be the year of Satoshi? Most people can’t afford a full Bitcoin, so getting off zero requires buying sats, or ‘stacking sats’ as we say in the Bitcoin space.

Stacking sats is the term used for someone buying small but frequent amounts of satoshis, and building up their value in Bitcoin over time, but with the limited options available worldwide, it’s not possible for everyone.

Stack Sats with FastBitcoins

By building on top of its existing product, FastBitcoins’ new launch has made stacking sats available to more people than ever, and in doing so – making Bitcoin more accessible to the common person.

FastBitcoins remains a non-custodial exchange and sends payment on within minutes of the transaction going through. In doing so, the company has kept within the strict E.U. regulatory guidelines.

Get Off Zero by Stacking Sats

Buying sats a similar method to what is commonly known as dollar-cost averaging (DCA), and FastBitcoins has just launched its stacking sats product.

The website accepts USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, and the UGX, and you can buy with as little amount as you like, and with charges from 1.75% for a bank wire, the rates are highly competitive.

For anyone wanting to stack sats, the setting up process is simple, but to make it a recurring thing they will have to make sure their account is regularly funded with enough fiat.

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