Earn a passive income with Bitcoin

Before starting, I want to emphasize that earning passive income with Bitcoin goes against the Bitcoin philosophy, and the very reason it was created in the first place.

Not Your Keys Not Your Bitcoin?

There’s a belief among part of the Bitcoin community that if you don’t have your Bitcoin in your custody, then they don’t belong to you. ‘Not your keys, not your Bitcoin’ is a phrase/meme that many in the Bitcoin space swear by.

It’s down to the reasoning that owning Bitcoin is kind of an objection against the legacy financial system, in which banks actually own the money that you deposit. Well the ‘not your keys, not your bitcoin’ meme is targeting that very system.

And while I admire the integrity behind the idea, and I do recommend keeping some in your possession just in case, but I do believe it is worth putting some Bitcoin to work, and letting it earn a passive income.Read More at BitcoinMaximalist

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