Is Ethereum A Good Investment?

Is Ethereum a good investment right now?

Since launching in July 2015, Ethereum has become the second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap. It is the most built on blockchain with the widest eco-system.

Coined as a world computer, a decentralized operating system, the web 3.0, it was the main driver behind the altcoin rally in 2017-18.  When it saw an all time high of near $1350, as almost $800 billion entered the crypto space.

But since then, notwithstanding Bitcoin and a few other coins, the crypto space and Ethereum has been through a cyclical downturn. This has seen many altcoins fall by the wayside, but in a bear market is when the hard work gets done.

So, is it time to be bullish again? Is Ethereum A Good Investment? Bitcoin has just had its halving, and this is usually a good signal for the crypto space, but what about Ethereum, is it a good investment?

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open-source blockchain network that facilitates the construction of decentralized applications (dApps) on its platform, making it easy for developers to construct such a thing, while also giving them the security of the Ethereum network. Read More at Ethereum Nexus

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