League of Kingdoms land sale

More excitement in the blockchain NFT gaming space as League of Kingdoms (LoK) token is live with discounted prices promised in crystals and Land plots.

The MMO strategy game League of Kingdoms allows players to own the coordinates of land plots.

Players can then build on and create their very own kingdom and empire with winning strategies.

LoK players can fully own and seamlessly trade in-game digital assets.

In addition, players can develop their own empire and earn from the game’s ecosystem.

Players can also participate in in-game governance through transparent voting and congress system.

League of Kingdoms Launches Land Sale

What’s more, if land plot owners develop their land, they can earn more rewards from any reward pool that is paid out.

NFTs Allow For Actual Ownership

Owning land in League of Kingdoms means you actually own the whole coordinates of continents permanently.

These NFT tokens, are for sale on the LoK marketplace.

Furthermore, in the future as your land grows in value it will give you more power in the game, and also allow you to trade for profit.

The land is limited, and if a player base grows and there is no room for new players on the continent, LoK will mint new bigger continents.

But ownership of the land will still belong to the original owner, in that bigger continent, meaning they will own a bigger plot of land.

As you play the games and you build your empire, you could enjoy lucrative rewards.

Building flourishing kingdoms on your land will raise the development level of your property.

The higher the level of your lands, the more rewards you can earn.

NFTs The Future of Gaming

It’s a very exciting stage in the development of blaockchain-based NFT tokens.

Because of the immutability and decentralized nature of platforms like Ethereum, it makes actual ownership of NFT and in-game assets like land a reality.

Thus, the future of gaming looks like it could transition onto NFTs, especially MMO strategy games.

We saw this with the explosion of Cryptokitties back in 217.

This was the first NFT-based game to take off, and it became so popular it overloaded the Ethereum blockchain.

Thus, sending Ethereum Gas prices skyrocketing at the same time.

In Cryptokitties, players own an NFT on the backend, and each token has its own unique code, some rarer than others.

This code (kitty genes) can be merged with other CryptoKitties to create brand new CryptoKitties.

To do so, an agreement with the owner of the mother and father CryptoKitties should be struck up.

And the owners let both CryptoKitties do their business for a few hours, and the result is the mother would give birth to a few Cryptokitty offsprings.


Reddit Getting Into NFT Tokens for Rewarding Users

In other NFT news, social media giant Reddit recently announced they too were getting into Ethereum NFT tokens.

It’s a trial with subreddits /r/Cryptocurrency and /r/FortniteBR for now, but if it’s a success, Reddit will no doubt employ NFTs across its platform.

The subreddit r/Cryptocurrency will have a MOON token in which owners will have special privileges, such as unlocking things and gaining a special membership, whereas the r/FortniteBR subreddit will offer a BRICKS token, and will have similar features.

Users have been airdropped both tokens initial launch, but over time, these tokens will be earned as well. Users will actually own the tokens even be able to trade them on exchanges.


It’s early days in the blockchain NFT gaming space, but it seems to be really gaining pace.

Ever since CryptoKitties exploded on the scene the interest in NFTs has really grown with game developers.

It doesn’t get much bigger than Reddit, and as their tokens succeed as expected, so will the NFT space.

As for league of Kingdoms, it could well be a good idea to but some land even if youÂ’re not a gamer.

Author: Tommy Limpitlaw;

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