The biggest threat To Bitcoin

The answer, a 51% attack.

Bitcoin is a decentralized network that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions without the need of a government or bank. Bitcoin is being touted by some as the future of money. It could well be a future global reserve, and some believe the Bitcoin standard is inevitable, but what if something was to go wrong with it?

Could something threaten Bitcoin’s inevitability? Well, it’s a software protocol, but it certainly isn’t fragile. In fact, it is the most robust of networks, and it certainly needs to be if it’s to replace established financial networks.

Bitcoin is the most secure of networks, but all software networks have vulnerabilities, don’t they? So, what is the biggest threat to Bitcoin?

51% Attack

Wouldn’t a 51% Attack be a threat to Bitcoin?

Many believe a 51% attack would be the end of Bitcoin. Something that would eradicate the robust and decentralized brand Bitcoin has built for itself, but is it really a threat to Bitcoin? Read More at BitcoinMaximlaist

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