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Zelwin |Peer-to-Peer Marketplace

Bottom Line

It’s easy to see why Zelwin has been widely touted as the best up and coming peer-to-peer marketplace. The project is led by a top-notch team that looks set to capitalize on the fast-growing eCommerce marketplace.

The companies unique reward system model is the first of it’s kind and designed to reward all users.

Should peer-to-peer marketplaces achieve widespread adoption over the coming years, you can expect Zelwin to be leading the charge and in doing so the company has the potential to achieve astronomical growth over the coming years.

The global eCommerce market in the United States raked in a staggering $61 Billion dollars in 2019 alone.

With such potential upside, there is no shortage of new firms looking to enter the eCommerce market but few have generated as much hype as the Zelwin peer-to-peer marketplace.

What is Zelwin?

Zelwin is a peer-to-peer global marketplace that allows you to order goods from almost any corner of the world.

The recently launched platform already has thousands of sellers selling a whole catalog of items that you would expect to see on top eCommerce websites.

Zelwin’s unique reward system is what makes it stand out from the competition and it is the first market place in the world where both buyers and sellers make money.

How does Zelwin work?

How does Zelwin work?

Zelwin combines digital assets and eCommerce. Users pay for items on the marketplace with cryptocurrencies.

If you don’t have any cryptocurrency you can purchase some on Zelwin’s built-in cryptocurrency exchange service.

The service is easy to use and you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies on your Visa or MasterCard.

Zelwin Rewards System

Zelwin has one of the best marketplace reward systems around.

Their unique reward system looks to reward both buyers and sellers.

When you purchase any item or goods on the platform, you will receive a loyalty bonus payed in Zelwin’s native ZLW tokens.

User can exchange the tokens for US dollars, Euro or cryptocurrencies right on the website.

Zelwin Rewards System

Zelwin Affiliate Program

The eCommerce market is extremely competitive and to help the company get established, Zelwin have rolled out a top of the line affiliate program.

There are three ways to participate in the program.

Attracting Customers:

Once you sign up you’ll be given a partners link that you can share with your friends.

When your friend makes a purchase you will both be rewarded.

You receive 20% of your friends cash back and your friends cash back amount doubles.

Attracting Stores:

Zelwin have gone for a highly unusual buy potentially lucrative approach to attracting new stores. Partners have a choice of purchasing three packages, Premium Partner, G

old Partner and Silver Partner. Each package allocates you a percentage income of a stores cashback once they sign up with your link.

The store will also benefit from your link with a 2% reduction in Zelwin’s commissions.

Should you sign up a number of stores, your potential earnings could be very lucrative indeed.

Attracting Partners:

Zelwin offers a range of partner packages. Invite friends to participate by buying one of the partner packages.

You will receive a bonus for each package purchased though your link and your friend will also benefit by receiving double bonuses for purchased packages.


The future looks bright for Zelwin.

Their one of a kind loyalty reward program looks set to be a hit with more and more users. and stores joining the marketplace every day.

It’s hard not to get excited thinking about what the future holds for Zelwin’s peer-to-peer marketplace.

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