Bitcoin Is A Peaceful Protest

With the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis policemen causing half a nation to rise up, it was inevitable that looters and rioters would hijack the good that a peaceful protest would be doing.

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Nothing Ever Changes

While I understand the anger and frustration of the African American community, their on-going fight against the systemic racism that plagues the core of American society will not change, even though it has been highlighted yet again.

Did it change after the multiple murders by policemen repeatedly shooting unarmed black men in the back? Did it change after Martin Luther King’s murder? No.

Do people really think Donald Trump or Joe Biden will change things when even Barrack Obama did nothing? The truth is, people of color are treated differently, even the ones lucky enough to climb the socio-economic ladder.

It’s systemic and it’s done on purpose to divide a nation and to keep the prisons full. Sure protesting will help, but protesting for 2 weeks and then getting on with life means it will be brushed under the carpet as quickly as the last one. Until the next murder.

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Protest Forever Not For 2 Weeks

The best way to make change is to peacefully protest: forever. And the best way to protest is cut off the government’s power by taking away its control of the money supply.

The monetary system is built on debt. Debt to whom? Debt is created to print as much as they want out of thin air to pay for illegal wars, to cover up systemic corruption and racism, and to pay for our police to “protect” us.

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