Brave rewards content creators

Brave Browser, the privacy-focused browser continues to grow in popularity with both security and privacy savvy web surfers.

But less often talked about is the massive surge in content creators that have flocked to the Brave browser rewards platform, over the last 16 months.

The number of content creators registered on Brave has gone from around 100, 000 in April, 2019, to 735,000 in July, 2020, with the number YouTube channels growing 5-fold alone.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave browser is a privacy-focused internet browser that uses its ad blocker, Brave Shield, to protect its user’s privacy, whilst using the web.

It uses the BAT (Basic Attention Token) cryptocurrency as it’s means of paying out rewards to content creators and users within the ecosystem.

Why should publishers sign up?

Digital publishers have been getting a raw deal for years, with revenue from ads decreasing by 52%, when readers block ad content, according to

Insult is added to injury by the fact that Google, Amazon and Facebook hog 73% of all digital ad revenue on all USA platforms, as reported in Marketingland.

Brave browser like Aioz Tube, is in the business of remedying this huge and disproportionate money grab and almost monopolization of the market.

How are content creators rewarded?

Brave browser rewards publishers by anonymously observe the user’s attention and then rewards the publisher with BAT.

Brave states that, “Publishers will, as part of this service, receive the lion’s share of the total ad revenue. We anticipate that users will also donate back some tokens to publishers, further increasing their revenue”.

How do you sign up for brave rewards?

First off, you need to download and install the Brave browser, from here.

Once you’ve downloaded the Brave browser, go to the creator sign-up page, register your email, and press ‘get started.

Next, go to your inbox and verify your email.

Then, enter your name and sign up.

Once, you have logged in, click on ‘register your channel’ and choose from Twitter, YouTube, website, etc.

How can content creators withdraw their rewards?

The final step you must take is to register for an Uphold account.

How do you sign up for Uphold?

1. Download the Brave browser here.

2. Connect to Uphold. Either log in or sign up for an account to connect and fund your Brave wallet.

3. Verify the account. In order to access your Brave funds, you will need a government ID such as your passport or driver’s license and have ready your cam or phone to take a selfie.

4. Finally, to withdraw your Brave rewards you will need to link your bank account.


Brave browser has the potential to grow into a very formidable force for privacy on the internet.

With its stated goal of distributing the lion’s share of ad revenue with publishers, it makes this a great opportunity for content creators to claw back some of the losses that have been inflicted upon them by the unscrupulous giants of the digital world.

It is time for digital publishers to reject the status quo and stand up for their rights, to a better share of the pie.

You can start right now by signing up as a content creator on Brave browser. Furthermore, earn more rewards from Brave, by joining their affiliate program which you can learn about here.

Author: James N;

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