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What is is a next-generation cryptocurrency and payments platform that offers a range of banking features.

The platform aims to bring cryptocurrencies mainstream by making it easy for anyone to earn, trade, borrow, and pay in crypto. used to utilized two tokens: MCO and CRO. However, in August 2020, to streamline the user experience the decision was made to phase out the MCO token.

As a result, users can lend, borrow, and apply for crypto.coms leading debit card all through CRO token.

Furthermore,  holders of CRO benefit from a range of perks such as 2% – 100% off trading fees when using CRO to execute trades.

And as a final incentive, holders get access to exclusive bonuses and offers. Such as the ability to earn up to 20% p.a. just for staking your coins. Exchange exchange

The exchange launched in November 2019.

The exchange provides deep liquidity and offers low trading fees.

New users receive 0% trading fees for their first 90 days, and all deposits for the first 30 days will earn a 2% bonus.

The exchange interface is simple, feels familiar, and easy to navigate.

The exchange currently boasts 55+ Coins across multiple trading peers. App

crypto app

The payments platform App is slick, easy to use.

Users can easily access all of’s features without having to use a web browser.

The App can be topped up with a bank transfer, debit or credit card, or by a cryptocurrency deposit.

Users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, manage their MCO Visa Card, earn interest by staking their assets, and receive an instant loan, all with the swipe of a finger.

In addition, the App can send cryptocurrencies to other App users instantly and free of charge. Visa Debit Card

crypto debit cards

The Visa Card from is a versatile cryptocurrency debit card.

The card is currently available in the USA, UK, EU, Asia Pacific, and Singapore.

CRO tokens reward-based approach to staking offers generous cashback of up to 5% on every purchase.

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The top tier Obsidian debit card comes with additional features such as OTC block trades, research reports, inheritance service, industry event access, and priority customer service.

Visa debit cards can be easily topped up and managed through the App.

In addition, the app makes it easy to conclude purchases or withdraw money anywhere that accepts Visa.

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Earn with offers the best staking rewards around.

Exchange users can earn daily benefits of up 5% APR simply for keeping their assets on the exchange.

Users who stake for a predetermined length of time receive even greater APR returns of up to 8% on supported cryptocurrencies and 12% on supported coins for staking CRO token.

Furthermore, to increase the adoption of CRO token, is offering significant benefits of up to 20% APR return on CRO tokens staked for 180 days.

And that’s not all, users can receive a further 50% discount on coins listed in the bi-weekly syndicate events for staking 10,000 or more CRO tokens.

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Instant Crypto Loans

If you are looking for an instant loan and don’t want to cash out your cryptocurrencies then may be the payments platform for you.

Users who deposit crypto can receive an instant loan of up to 50% of the US dollar equivalent of the deposited funds and paid in PAX, TUSD, USDC or USDT.

In addition, there are no statement deadlines and users can pay back the loan whenever they want.

You’ll be glad to hear APR rates are very competitive with CRO stakers receiving rates as low as 8% p.a.


Best Crypto Payments Solution intends to take cryptocurrency mainstream by providing a comprehensive payment solution.

For instance, users can benefit from zero processing fees on crypto payments, resulting in savings of up to 80% on fees versus typical payment processors.


The easy to use interface enables users to accept cryptocurrencies and get paid in preferred fiat currency.

And in doing so, greatly reducing the risk of volatility.

In addition, the app makes it easy to shop with cryptocurrencies and spenders receive generous cashback offers subsidized by the network.

Is Safe?

Private keys come encrypted locally on the device with Secure Enclave . Furthermore, both bio-metric authentication and two-factor authentication is required to access them. in partnership with leading blockchain security solutions provider Ledger holds 100% of user’s cryptocurrencies in cold storage.

Therefore, corporate funds occupy the hot wallets to ensure smooth day-to-day withdrawal requests.

Finally, for withdrawal protection, uses mandatory whitelisting of external address through email verification.


In conclusion, the crypto trading platform recognizes that for cryptocurrencies to gain widespread adoption they will have to resemble the banking system they aim to disrupt.

The platform comes packed with a range of reward-based financial features that would put any traditional bank to shame.

Cryptocurrencies look set to revolutionize the financial sector over the coming years.

With this in mind,’s pioneering cryptocurrency and payments platform is in a strong positioned to lead the charge.

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