Decentraland Amsterdam switches on

After launching with all the promise of Decentraland’s Amsterdam, District X has been somewhat of a let down.

Promoted as Decentraland’s version of Amsterdam’s infamous red-light district, through mismanagement and lack of investment, District X hasn’t exactly lived up to its its billing.

Decentraland's Amsterdam' Switching On Its Red Light?

Is District X Finally Turning a Corner?

District X is located in the northeast corner of Decentraland and many were excited after its launch. However, the promise soon fell flat after the lack of progress in the District.

Much of that is

It seems like a bit of time and money has finally been invested in the district and things are starting to look promising.

According to Rizk Gh on Twitter, in cooperation with district leader @RobLDistrictX a new tour of the district has been created. It can be taken by monorail, a Lambo, or for a bird’s eye view of the district get a hot air balloon ride.

The tweet


The short promotional video doesn’t give much away.  So, it remains to be seen if it ends up like Amsterdam’s red light district.  But at least we’re seeing signs of life in the much-aggrandized district.

What is Decentraland?


Remember the old classic Caesar II? Well it’s kind of like that, but the in-game purchases you buy are backed by smart contract NFT tokens. This means you actually own, and can openly trade.

To connect to the game, you have to use connect your Ethereum address through the MetaMask extension, and the idea is to purchase ‘land,’ which is Decentraland’s virtual real estate platform.

Each ‘land’ is backed by an NFT and has unique code, so it cannot be replicated, and owners of the land are free to do whatever they like with it.

As we have seen with the District X, users weren’t doing much, but finally, a bit of investment has gone in to make the land in the district smart and worth visiting.

Any user can create their own 3D designs to decorate and renovate their virtual land. It’s a way to

All of this can be traded on the


Thanks to the possibilities of blockchain gaming, games like Decentraland make our virtual second lives more meaningful.

And as time goes by, trading virtual real estate could be a good way to make some money. But as with real life ventures, you have to speculate to accumulate.

Not much of that has been going on in District X, but now we’re seeing signs of life and investment, and who knows we might even see some red light activity before too long.

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