Earn money trading gaming skins

Would you believe that consumers spent around $30 billion buying and selling gaming skins and loot boxes in 2017, and that spending is predicted to increase to $50 billion by 2022?

Well, according to to Statista.com this is how much the market is predicted to be worth.

Furthermore, the most expensive skin in history, the Souvenir AWP (Dragon Lore), was bought for $19,632.80 on January the 10th 2019. Check out the list of the 20 most expensive game skins ever bought at dexerto.com

So, if you were a player of TF2 or CS:GO from 2012 on, it may be time to go back and check your inventory and sell them old gaming skins and loot boxes for real money.

Gaming skins. What are they?

Skins are items that you can attain during a game or buy in the game’s shop. These items do not enhance your gaming prowess, but are cosmetic, in that they make you stand out in a crowd.

Just like in real life; the rarer the item you have the cooler you look.

I first heard of skins through playing Team Fortress 2 on the Steam Platform. It introduced skins around 2012 for both TF2 and CS:GO.

They were introduced as a reward and to give players an incentive to play more. They also set up a marketplace, where players could trade skins with each other.

When they made some rarer, they brought about value for these gaming skins. Over time these skins became a virtual currency, which gave players a chance of buying and selling gaming skins.

Where can I buy and sell my CS:GO gaming skins?

There are many different websites out there, including the official Steam CS:GO market, but many of them including Steam do not allow you to withdraw real money.

Furthermore, many of the websites are set up as gambling websites, where you pay a certain amount to open a case. If you are lucky you can get high-end gaming skins, that you can sell on for profit. We will delve into these types of sites in a future article in this series.

A third type of site is more, your traditional buy and sell market. This type of market has 2 categories.

The first are those that do not allow you to withdraw cash. Instead after buying your CS:GO game skin you send it to your inventory on Steam and use it as your play skin.

The second are those websites which allow you to sell your game skins and withdraw real money. These are not as common and some are said to be somewhat dodgy.

With this in mind, after endless hours of research into this article and watching influential CS:GO YouTubers we have come to the realization that SkinBaron is highly regarded, and safe place to trade game skins.

Here is how it works at Skinbaron, and is roughly the same procedure for similar sites.

Buying and selling gaming skins on SkinBaron

We chose to review SkinBaron for a few reasons. Among these are that it is a fully licensed company, registered in Germany, has a large selection of game skins, an easy to navigate platform and secured buying and selling.

The first step you take, is to sign up to SkinBaron, using your Steam account.

You should then click on ‘my profile’ and fill in your personal details. At this point there are different levels of trust. Meaning, the more personal information you give, such as upload a copy of your passport, the more trading you are allowed to do.

Furthermore, don’t forget to set up your Steam tradelink in your SkinBaron account

After this is done, it is quite straight forward.

Buying gaming skins

You deposit your funds via a variety of methods, including G2APAY, Paysafecard, and bank transfers.

When the money has been deposited to your SkinBaron account it is simply a matter of searching through all the available skins and adding them to your cart and going to checkout.

To earn selling gaming skins

Press the sell tab, choose the gaming skins you wish to sell, from your Steam inventory, set your price and press create an offer.

Soon after you will receive a trade offer. Press accept.

Then when somebody buys the gaming skin, the value of the sale will be added to your account.

From there it is a matter of transferring it to your registered payment account.


It is plain to see from the statistics above, that selling and buying gaming skins is big business. So, if you do have a relatively rare game skin to sell, then you may be in for a surprise.

Even if you don’t have the most expensive game skin in history, you can still earn money from trading gaming skins.

However, bear in mind that not all websites allow you to withdraw real money, some are geared more to gambling and others can be dodgy.

Finally, we conclude that SkinBarons is the best place to earn money buying and selling your gaming skins, because of the reasons listed above.

N.B. All these sites charge a percentage fee for each transaction, for example Steam and SkinBaron charge 15%.

Furthermore, you should be over 18 years old.

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