Micro BT Unveils Whatsminer M30S++

Micro BT has unveiled a new ASICs mining rig with a hashrate of up to 112 TH/s.

The brand new Whatsminer M30S++ will be the most powerful Bitcoin mining rig on the market and will market at $3900.

Competition for mining supremacy is really heating up.

Micro BT’s main competitor and mining market leader Bitmain announced its new Antminer S19 Pro, which hashes at 110 TH/s.

So, it will be interesting to see which device is the best bitcoin mining rig.

Micro BT’s New Whatsminer M30S++ Will Be Most Powerful Bitcoin Miner

Micro BT, which only launched in 2017, is quickly catching up with

In 2017, Micro BT introduced it’s flagship mining rigs the M1 and M3, selling close to 400,000 units, and it’s believed that with just their first two mining rigs Micro BT hashed around 10% of the total Bitcoin hashrate.

Since then Micro BT has launched several other devices, including the recently launched Whatsminer M30s, which has a hashrate of 86 TH/s. Impressive metrics, but it fell short of Bitmain’s powerful bitcoin miner, Antminer S19 Pro’s hashrate of 110 TH/s.

Micro BT Announces Whatsminer M30S++

As well as their powerful bitcoin miner, the M30S++, Micro BT has introduced a second model. The Whatsminer M30S+, which produces around 100 TH/s, falls short of the M30S++ hashpower. However, at a price of around $2800, it is $1100 cheaper.

More good news for the mining community, as Micro BT intends to extend warranty for its new ASICs miners. At the moment new devices are covered for 18-0 days, but in a statement the company’s COO Chen Jianbing said warranty would be extended to a full year.

Micro BT claims the new mining rigs will be shipped from June 1st, but with the world pretty much in lockdown that remains to be seen. Although, things are slowly returning to normality in China and industries are opening up again.


It’s excellent timing for Micro BT, with the Bitcoin halving less than a month away. No doubt the big mining companies would have been doing their best to get hold of Bitmain’s S19 Pro.

This really throws the cat among the pigeons and ups the hashrate war even more. Although Bitmain’s flagship S19 Pro will only be 2 TH/s lower, the fact that the mining industry’s dominant company has lost its moniker as the most powerful mining rig really shows how much innovation is going into the mining space.

It can only be good for the mining space as miners will finally have choice. It remains to be seen which will be the best Bitcoin mining piece of hardware, but finally we have a choice of two devices with the most hashpower.

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