BetFury casino dApp review

With the BetFury V2 release in June, we at Minedhash wanted to give you a longer BetFury Casino dApp review.

The BetFury team’s revamp has pushed the platform into new realms for the igaming world. Among the new features are the first Bitcoin dividend pool in the igaming industry. Another, is that it has become the first gambling dApp on the Tron network to offer 25% cash back.

Let’s go into some more detail.

What gambling games are available

BetFury has a fine selection of all the casino favorites. This is in part due, to it being the first ever casino dApp on the Tron Network.

For starters, they have over a 1000 slots to choose from, including many from leading online casino providers. These include, Booongo and Endorphina.

Secondly, they have 13 (unlucky for some) Table Games with firm favorites such as Blackjack and European Roulette.

Third, there are 7 In house games to play, including Hilo, Keno and Dice. Furthermore, they plan to introduce 4 new games in the near future.

Especially enticing to hardcore players are the 39 Live casino tables. For instance, they have firm favorites such as, Texas Holdem, Stud Poker, Baccarat, and Monopoly.

Looking ahead, BetFury’s roadmap includes plans for the introduction of a Sports Betting Desk in the third quarter of 2020.

In summary. BetFury has a multitude of casino games to keep you content and busy.

How to sign up to BetFury dApp

Signing up to BetFury Casino is quite possibly the simplest out there. Simply put, all that is required is an email address and password or for complete beginners, your google account.

i’m afraid that’s it.

Are there any incentives or bonuses

Our BetFury casino dApp review would not be complete without relating what extras are in store.

As mentioned before, BetFury have a cashback bonus. This means that the casino gives you back some of your lost coins. The amount you get back depends on your ranking.

There are 11 levels. The lowest level, novice, get a 2% cashback bonus. This continues to increase to level 11, super VIP, who get 25% cashback bonus.

Besides, the cashback bonus, they also have weekly promotions such as Slot races in which 50 winners share in a $7000 pot. Another is the weekly Chat Success, where you screenshot your win and post on the BetFury official Telegram Chat. You share a 5000 TRX prize pool.

In addition to all this, you can also stake the casinos coin, BFG. According to their website ‘BFG is a utility token for profit sharing and income generating’. The token’s value increases because of dividends attached to the coin. This creates interest in it as an asset.

Wait there’s more

To continue, they also offer a dividend pool to all users that hold the BFG token. These dividends are paid out every 24 hours. The total that is shared out is 3% of all casino profits for that 24 hour period.

You can see the pool size increase live on the casino dApp. Incidentally, the pool is now paid out in Bitcoin, a first in the igaming world.

One final thing to mention is their affiliate program. This gives you a chance to receive lifetime earnings from players that sign up with your personal affiliate link.

The rates differ depending on what games the player uses. They go from 15% of all profits won on in house games to 1.5% of profits from slots and table games. You also get 5% of profits from all bets laid using BFG tokens.


With over 50,000 registered players, it is plain to see, that BetFury knows how to keep players happy.

Their selection of over 1000 slots, table games, in-house games and live casinos are plenty for all tastes.

Now, with the imminent release of their SportsDesk they continue to show their intent to compete at the top of he burgeoning industry.

This is together with BetFury’s 25% cashback bonus, bitcoin dividend pool and affiliate program.

In summary, BetFury looks like it has a winning formula that is worth signing up to.

Hope our BetFury Casino dApp review has been of help. If you like what is on offer at BetFury you can sign up below.

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