GooseBet gambling dApp casino review

There have been some exciting things happening at GooseBet Gambling dApp since its launch at the start of July.

So, we thought it was a good time for a longer piece on GooseBet. This is after, our review of the Top 5 gambling dApps.

GooseBet is a decentralized gambling dApp, which was released on the Tron Blockchain.

What gambling games are available

Considering that GooseBet casino is new, they have quite a good and varied selection to offer.

First, there are over 50 slots to choose from, including many from leading online casino provider, Endorphina. Moreover, they are scheduled to add 25 new slots on the 16th August.

In our earlier review best gambling dApps, we stated that GooseBet intended to add live casino games.

Well, we are happy to announce, GooseBet have now integrated live croupiers onto their platform. The dealers add an air of authenticity to your betting. There are even croupiers clad only in bikinis. Luckily, gambling is for over 18’s.

The croupiers also allow for a more enjoyable experience where you can interact with them, and players at the table. The live casino games on offer include Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, and Casino Holdem.

They also have 3 In-house games, Goose Dice, Goose Crash and Goose Ring.

At the moment, they have no Table games on the platform. However, these are in the works, and there is no reason to suppose they won’t be added, given what they’ve delivered so far.

How to sign up to GooseBet dApp

To sign up for GooseBet you will first need to download the Tronlink desktop extension from Google Play.

Once you have signed up you will need to send funds to your TronLink wallet. Next, you will need to send BTC, ETH, TRX or USDT to the wallet. I sent my funds from directly from my Binance account, or you can send it from a Hardware Wallet.

You can then go into the menu on your TronLink extension and click on the apps icon. Scroll down to GooseBet and enter.

When you have entered the platform hit the deposit button. Next copy the address and go back into TronLink. Click on the send icon. Finally, paste your GooseBet address into ‘receiving account, add the transfer amount and click send. Your deposit should arrive within seconds.

You are now ready to join the fray.

Are there any incentives or bonuses.

Unlike most of the mainstream centralized Bitcoin casinos, GooseBet and most others, don’t have any sign up bonuses.

However, GooseBet gambling dApp has other ways of keeping their customers happy. They have a dividend pool which is used to share the profits of the platform among the players. The players who sign up earlier will get a greater share of the spoils.

Moreover, you can earn their GBT token by mining the token whilst playing games. The cost of mining GBT rises by 5 Trx a day.

On top of that, they have recently introduced betting with their GBT token. This can be high risk, however, any tokens you lose are burnt rather than being sent back to the dividend pool. So, although you may have lost your remaining coins should rise in value, as there are fewer in circulation.

Another incentive that deserves a mention is their referral program. This gives you the chance to earn lifetime passive income. You will be given a percentage of each bet placed by any player you referred.


GooseBet gambling dApp is going in the right direction and has the potential to become as popular as EarnBet and 888 Tron. It is easy to sign up to. It has a good selection of slots, live casino, some In-house games and is in the process of adding Table games.

Furthermore, it allows you to earn casino profits through its dividend pool.

All in all, GooseBet looks strong in a very competitive market. Only time will tell if it can keep up with the more established gambling dApps.

We at Minedhash enjoy using the platform, but as yet not too many big wins. Hope you have better luck.

You can sign up to GooseBet by using the link below.

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