Review of WINK gambling dApp

WINk Casino DApp launched in 2008 as a rebranded version of the hugely popular gambling-platform TRONBet.

Since then it has evolved into one of the world’s leading decentralized casino applications.


WINk Casino DApp is a blockchain powered gambling and social ecosystem.

To ensure provably fair gameplay all WINk transactions take place through smart contracts on the Tron blockchain.

WIN is the platform’s native token and is widely available on most leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

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The main benefit of using WIN token is that users who choose to stake or ‘freeze’ WIN will receive a percentage of all casino fees. And of course, the more WIN a user locks away, the higher the proportion of casino profits they will receive.

Furthermore, as players participate in games they mine one of WINk’s three on platform tokens. These tokens entitle the owners to a percentage of the games takings.


WINk casino has something for everyone. All the games run on Tron supported smart contracts, meaning they are fully transparent and provably fair.

First of all, they have crypto classics such as Dice, Moon, Ring, Dual, and Mine. Players earn dividends in the form of DICE token which is mined each time they play.

Four of the best TRON casino dividend tokens - bestTRONcasino

Additionally, players can mine LIVE token when placing a live bet, whether it be in the casino or sports betting.

The casino is slick, easy to navigate, and boasts an impressive collection of the most popular and recognizable slots and online casino games.

WINk excels when it comes to live sports betting. The casino has a comprehensive selection of the top sporting events worldwide for users to bet on.

Furthermore, WINk casino is one of the best platforms for live esport bettings. Players can choose to gamble on a huge selection of the most popular esport franchises such as Counter-Strike, FIFA, and NBA to mention a few.

Finally, the casino offers a selection of live poker tables that reward players with RAKE token. Players can choose between two game types ‘cash’ and SIT-N-GO (SNG). In the cash games, players choose a table to play based on the buy-in amounts. On the other hand, in SNG games, each table has a buy-in requirement. Rebuys are prohibited and the top 3 players in each game will receive a share of the rewards.

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WINk Casino makes it easy for users to sign up, deposit, and withdraw from their accounts.

First of all, users will need a TRON wallet browser extension. We recommend using the TronLink wallet which is available here

Once the wallet has been topped up users have the choice to either play games directly from the wallet or deposit directly onto the platform. However, it must be noted that games played from an external wallet will incur a transaction charge each time a bet is placed.


Overall, the WINk Casino gambling DApp is a top decentralized casino. The platform is backed by a strong team with a proven track record in the form of TRONBet.

WINk Casino doesn’t offer the type of sign up deals and bonuses we have grown accustomed to in other gambling DApps. However, the platform’s mining rewards scheme that offers players a stake in the ‘House’ more than makes up for it.

WINks Roadmap points to an exciting end of 2020 with the introduction of new games, sportbook additions, and a mass marketing campaign designed to bring WINk mainstream

All in all, WINk Casino is one of the premier gambling DApps and one to keep an eye on over the coming months and years.

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