RocketGame Casino DApp Review

This RocketGame Casino dApp review looks at a new and exciting iGaming platform that utilizes Tron’s blockchain technology. This enables secure gaming, with instant deposits and unrivaled transparency thanks to provably fair games.

RocketGame is not like your traditional online casino. The platform has a unique feel to it and comes packed with fun and unique games that you can play to earn crypto.

Casino Games

The casino has a fantastic selection of over 600 popular and innovative casino games.

RocketGame casino dApp offers a slightly different gambling experience and comes packed with fun and enthralling retro gambling games.

In addition, players can compete in provably fair Player Vs Player (PVP) battles for crypto on all-time classic board games, Monopoly, and Battleship.

First of all, this Rocketgame casino dApp review will take a look at the most popular games on the platform.

Rocket Dice

This is Rocketgame casino’s very own version of the classic dice game. In this version, 4 rockets will take off and fly to different numbers. Players have to guess if the total of the 4 numbers is greater than 5,000 or less than 4,900.


Mines is a mini version of retro PC game minesweeper. Players place 5 bombs on the 25 square grid. Should the bomb explode and there is a diamond underneath, the player wins a Tron reward.


Keno is a very popular online casino game. The Rocketgame action takes place on a table with 40 numbers. Players bet on whether or not the succeeding number is higher or lower.


In this casino classic players choose a number between 2 and 95. Next, players have to decide if the following number is higher or lower. Rocketgame prizes are based on the risk associated with each bet. As a result, players who win with a low chances of winning will receive greater prizes.

Casino Classics

Fruit Machine

First of all, players have three layouts to choose from with sliced fruit, fruit and vegetables. Each layout has 8 symbols with varying bonus amounts. The most common symbols offer the lowest multiplier amount while the least common gives the highest multiplier amount.


Plinko mixes arcade games and gambling. The game resembles a pinball machine and players click on a position to drop their chips. The chip travels down the plinko board ricochets off pins on the way. Rewards depend on what hole the chip finally ends up in.


Hilo is a simple and fun game in which players bet whether the next card in the deck is higher or lower than the current card.


Furthermore, Rockgame casino has a large variety of slots. Here you will find the hottest slots from leading igaming developers ELK Studios, NetEnt, and NextGen to mention a few.

RocketGame Incentives and Bonuses

To entice players the platform, RocketGame Casino is offering industry-leading bonuses and cashback rewards.

First of all, players can opt to mine rocket coin as they play games. Players who mine are rewarded with dividend payouts every day.

Players can also win exciting prizes by competing in daily challenges, wagering contests, and weekly race events.

And it that wasn’t enough, RocketGame Casino’s 777 promotion rewards players with jackpot payouts for any bet id’s ending in 777.

Additionally, RocketGame offers unlucky players a cashback of up to 30% on lost coins. The cashback claimed can be withdrawn twice a week.

How to get Started

The first step is to download and log into the TronLink browser extension.

Users can play the games directly from their TronLink wallet extension however, this will incur a transaction charge every time a bet is placed.

On the other hand, players can deposit TRX, BTC and Rocket directly into the platforms Rocket wallet and play games free of transaction charges.

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The Rocketgame Casino dApp review found the platform to offer a fun and engrossing casino experience. The casino features an impressive array of unique and interesting games.

Furthermore, the utilization of Tron blockchain streamlines payments and allows for provably fair games.

Overall, the platform offers a refreshing experience and looks set to be at the forefront of the gambling DApp revolution.

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