Is Uphold MasterCard the future?

The recently launched, Uphold debit MasterCard, is the first of a kind. It is the World’s first Debit card, that allows you to spend crypto currencies, fiat currencies, gold, platinum, and other precious metals.

That alone is enough to turn heads. But what really sells it, is that it is part of the MasterCard network which gives you access to over 50 million merchants and ATM’s worldwide.

If you wish to put your name on the waiting list you can do so through our Uphold link. On the other hand continue reading and sign up when you are finished.

How does Uphold MasterCard Work?

Uphold is a Portuguese registered digital money platform, that started business in 2015. You to buy, sell, send, receive and store the assets mentioned above, plus 26 currencies on the platform.

They first came to my attention when I signed up for the Brave browser, which we reviewed in an earlier article. When you sign up for Brave browser they offer you an Uphold crypto wallet, where they automatically transfer your passive earnings from Brave.

It was whilst delving a little further for information related to the wallet that I came across the Uphold debit MasterCard. And ‘lordy lord’, was I impressed.

The Uphold card, which has been out in Beta form since late 2019, is available both as a virtual and physical card.

Here is how Uphold’s C .E.O., J.P. Thieriot explains it;

“If you’ve ever wanted to buy a bicycle or groceries with assets held in crypto and gold, now you can. The Uphold Card is a milestone for our users and for the cryptocurrency industry. Here, at last, is a debit card that transforms the utility of cryptocurrencies and other traditionally ‘unspendable’ assets by making them readily usable in everyday life.”

Furthermore, cardholders can use the associated app, which allows you to effortlessly connect between your different asset. Alternatively, you can simply buy items using the virtual debit card with a tap. This is another fairly new addition and according to Upload’s Michelle O’Connor. She states “the card’s full potential is realized through the app connected to it. This way users can toggle between any of the types of currency supported by Uphold.”

Benefits of Uphold Card

Over the years the use of crypto and blockchain has been getting more acceptance from mainstream consumers and traditional financial systems. However, it is not always easy to combine the two. Uphold is a company trying to close this gap with the launch of its card.

The Uphold debit MasterCard gives you the freedom to use your crypto and precious metal assets as feasible alternative to cash. Just, think you don’t have to convert your assets into a traditional currency, then go out and buy something.

C .E.O., J.P. Thieriot explains it thus;

“Apart from being able to spend virtually anything (asset), anywhere – you can now instantly convert to cash at around 3 million ATMs worldwide, 24/7, anywhere MasterCard is accepted.”

The Uphold Card is issued by Evolve Bank &Trust Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from MasterCard International.

Fees For Using Uphold

There is a one off issuance fee; $9.95.

What are the Uphold Card usage fees?

Withdrawals; $2 per transaction

International withdrawals; $3.95 per transaction

Domestic purchases; Free

Foreign exchange; Free of charge

What are the spending limits?

Maximum spending; $10,000 a day

Cash withdrawal; $1500 a day

Cash withdrawal per transaction; $500

How do I get on the waiting list for Uphold Debit MasterCard?

It is quite simple.

Follow the link below.

You then sign up to the wait list.

Moreover, you will be given a unique url with which to invite your friends. The more referrals you get, the further up the waiting list you will be moved.

If you wish, you can use the link below, which will help me up the waiting list to receive an Uphold card sooner.


The Uphold debit MasterCard is unique. To be able to instantly turn your crypto and precious metal assets into currency, at over 50 million venues worldwide, is something that we at MinedHash wish to be part of. I love the thoughts of paying for a coffee using some of my crypto or gold assets. It just sounds so …….. (fill in the blank).

However, only time will tell, if the idea, can be successfully turned into reality. Especially, with competition from the purely crypto and bitcoin debit cards.

This is a republished article that was lost whilst moving to our new improved website.

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