Review the Webtalk affiliate program

To gain a slice of the trillion-dollar social media marketplace, the Webtalk affiliate program is going all out.

The innovative social media platform is giving away a whopping 50% of all revenue to speed up user acquisition and gain widespread adoption.

Social CPX

Social CPX is Webtalks immensely lucrative affiliate program that comes with fantastic earning potential. For each referral, affiliates can receive a lifetime 10% revenue share plus 100% of matching ad rewards.

And that’s not all, the multi-level marketing approach allows affiliates to earn commissions through five degrees of referral separation. This increases affiliate earnings exponentially.

Webtalk is free to sign up for and use. And with tens of thousands of new users joining the platform every day there has never been a better time to make money with the Webtalk affiliate program.

What is Webtalk?

Webtalk is a next-generation social media platform that combines the best features of Facebook and LinkedIn. Hence, users can easily manage business and personal connections and choose what content you want people to see.

Additionally, Webtalks Ad Reward Pool rewards the users for their social activity with a share of the platforms’ advertising revenue. In other words, users earn cash rewards for social interactions such as, likes, comments, shares, posts, and views.

How to earn with Webtalk

Free Member

First of all, free members earn a 10% share on all future revenue streams for life for each user they sign up.

As well as, a 100% matching ad rewards bonus. Therefore, you will receive an equal proportion of all your referrals ad rewards each month.

Finally, if a referral goes on to become a PRO customer, you will earn a 10% subscription fee reward through up to 5-levels of referrals.

Pro Customer

Pro Customer is where the Webtalk affiliate program gets really interesting. The first 1 million Pro users will receive even greater rewards.

Therefore, pro members can earn a 10% revenue share and 100% matching points. However, this applies not only to direct referrals but also from their referrals through 5-levels of referrals. As a result, no purchase is required to earn a 5-level cash reward bonus

Coming soon

Webtalk has a couple of exciting developments in the works


The upcoming marketplace will allow users to sell both their services as a freelancer, as well as physical products like regular e-commerce websites.

The marketplace will charge a 10% transaction fee. In addition, affiliates will receive 1% of every transaction, paid as referral reward.


Webtalk is launching it’s very own travel platform whereby members will receive discounted pricing on flights, hotels, and car rentals.

In addition to this, 10% of the revenue generated from each booking will be paid as referral rewards. There are more details here.

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How to sign up for Webtalk

Getting qualified for the Webtalk affiliate program is very easy.

First of all, you will have to sign up for Webtalk Click Here and create a profile.

Once your profile is 100% complete, you can enroll in the cash rewards program.

Finally, Webtalk has two current payment methods with Stripe and Payoneer. However, additional payment methods in the form of Paypal, Coinbase, and Transfer wise are expected to be introduced soon.

Affiliate bonuses and cash rewards are paid out at the end of each month with a $100 minimal withdrawal.


The Webtalk affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for affiliates and marketers looking to generate a passive income.

Moreover, since the platform is free to use and offers 5-levels of referrals, early adaptors are expected to benefit greatly.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up to Webtalk and start earning big cash rewards.

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