Review of Webtalk social media

Before joining Webtalk social media platform and referral program, we did a bit of nosing and realized many Webtalk reviews were outdated. Therein, we decided to do a Webtalk review, that is a little more relevant to 2020.

Whilst researching the review we concluded, that now is a great time to sign up to Webtalk.

What is Webtalk?

Webtalk is a free to join, social media platform that has been in Beta form since 2018. It markets itself as a one stop social media platform. It allows you to manage your communications, contacts, and commerce on one platform.  

Now, more than ever, people are spending their time online. They are trying to grow new online networks to help negate the effects of the pandemic. These include, both the business side and the personal one.

When people want to network, depending on what mode they are in, they usually go to either LinkedIn or Facebook.

This is where Webtalk’s patent pending Contact Relationship Management (CMR), blockchain technology puts it out in front of other social media platforms. Their technology allows you to mange your contacts and categorize them. personal and professional. As a result, no more dilemmas or scattered links. You can manage them all in one.

Furthermore, they are going to use blockchain for their own cryptocurrency coin. This means anybody in the Webtalk ecosystem can use the Webtalk coin within the platform.

The official launch was set for the end of July or August. Though, as far as I can discern some glitches still need to be ironed out before it is officially launched.

Conversely, this is not a negative, as it gives you the chance to be an earlier user. Being an early adopter gives you extra benefits and an opportunity to earn cash from referring friends.

Webtalk review |referral/affiliate program

Our Webtalk review wouldn’t be complete without introducing their 5-star referral program.

If managed correctly, the Webtalk referral program could become a goldmine.

There are 2 types of referral program; free and pro.

With the free Webtalk referral program, you can earn 10% of any revenue that your referrals generate, for life.

The pro referral program, sounds amazing and has the potential to really help your passive income stream. However, it is only available to the first 1 million sign ups. You can read more details on Webtalk affiliate program here.

We would recommend signing up to Webtalk referrals ASAP, to enjoy on of the best affiliate opportunity that could keep you earning for life. We believe this is not a deal to be scoffed at. It really has huge potential. Do it here before it is closed forever.

Webtalk review| Technology

So, why should you sign up to Webtalk? What can it give you that other social media platforms do not?


This is the biggest selling point for us. Their Social CRM trademarked technology is superb and easy to use. It is the world’s first universal contact management system for both personal and professional use.

Here you can micro-manage all your social media.

First, you can enter all contact information, email, phone, address, website, etc.

Next, you go to the permission and groups, where you add them to either your professional or personal groups.

After that, you can go to the tags toggle and add tags for easier contact searches and news filtering.

Then, you have timestamped notes, so that you never for get important info connected to the contact.

Finally, you can use the ‘barometer’ to add networking value to your best prospects or personal relationships.


Another great faucet of the platform is how you can take control of your newsfeed. This is a constant complaint among Facebook users.

With Webtalk you have oversight of your news-feed with the aid of proprietary search and filter technology.

Here you can also refine your newsfeed by keywords, groups, etc. Furthermore, you are able to post files to targeted clientele to build up networks.

One other thing worth mentioning, is the ability to syndicate your content to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Slack at once.

All in one profile

Again, Webtalk technology permits you to use permission-based profiles. This is great for privacy minded people. It also has built in media and resume pages. Lastly, you have the ability to customize your profile using video and HTML.


Webtalk review | Future products

Webtalk has not finished by a long shot. It has more products being readied to come on board.


This will allow you create an account to help you reach users on Webtalk. From your page, you can sell your products or services directly. Additionally, if you have an online store you will be able to migrate it.

iOS and android apps

Apps for smartphones are also in the pipeline and will be released that will allow you to sync your phone contacts. Maybe, get you some more referrals.

Self-Service Ad Platform

Webtalk will soon release their ad platform. Easily design custom ads and sponsored posts to reach anyone, anywhere and time. 

They have many more features in development that will make it the go-to place for social media and networking. These include Video/Live Video, Webtalk Drive, classifieds, marketplace research, and a host of others.

One final upcoming release that we keenly anticipate is their Webtalk coin which is built using blockchain technology. The coin will be used to purchase anything from anybody on the Webtalk network.

Before we finish, it must be noted that we have highlighted only a few of the products that are on the platform. This is also true for the up coming features and the products in development. We will review these in future articles.


To finish with, it is essential to realize that many of the earlier reviews are outdated. Webtalk has come on leaps and bounds from its 2018 launch. They now have a lot more products on their platform, including their groundbreaking trademarked SocialCMR.

The SocialCMR makes managing your business and personal contacts so easy. That and the newsfeed give you back control.

They also have major releases coming up, that will elevate the platform to a higher standard. These include their ios and android apps. Plus their very own blockchain coin.

Lastly, the Webtalk referral/affiliate program is 5-tier. It gives you the potential to earn a good passive income for life.

Don’t hesitate. Sign up to Webtalk now.

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