Cryptotrader automatic crypto trading

Did you know that 95% of day traders loose money? Given that fact, its no surprise that more and more traders are turning to automatic crypto trading bots to stay profitable.

What is Cryptotrader?

Cryptotrader is a cloud-based automatic crypto trading bot platform that utilizes advanced algorithmic trading software to trade on the user’s behalf.

And since Cryptotrader is a completely cloud-based platform, it doesn’t need any extra software or additional hardware to set up.

It’s amazingly simple to use and users can choose from a range of automated trading strategies to best meet their investment goals.

Moreover, the platform provides a range of strategies based on its automated decision-making algorithms.

How does automatic trading work?

Cryptotraders trading algorithm automatically executes trades on the investor’s behalf using data gathered from market analysis.

In addition, the trading platform scans the marketplace to identify trades with the highest probabilities of success.

And that’s not all, after every successful trade, a percentage of the trading balance will be credited directly into the users’ Cryptotrader account.

Is Cryptotrader legit?

First of all, Cryptotrader is a secure trading platform with an active license and available in over 150 countries.

And whilst the platform does not guarantee profits, the overall consensus is positive with tens of thousands of satisfied users worldwide.

However, we noted a number of concerns regarding the automatic crypto trading platform. The foremost being, the platforms’ somewhat unrealistic profit projections, and overall transparency.

Advantages of Cryptotrader

Cryptrotrader is a multi-faceted platform and supports all major exchanges. Therefore, users can link and manage all their exchange accounts on one interface.

In addition, users can test strategies risk-free by back-testing the strategies past performances. This is a great feature and when utilized correctly reduces risks while maximizing profits.

Cryptotrader excels at live trading thanks to its lightning-quick servers. As a result, users and constantly updated, and not subjected to delays and lags in the server.

Disadvantages of Cryptotrader

While users can implement and run one of the standard strategies, to be truely profitable basic programming skills are a must. This is so that users can translate custom strategies into code and apply them on the platform.

Furthermore, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and not suited to one fixed market strategy. Thus, choosing the wrong strategy and sticking with it can lead to compounding losses.

Getting started

Firstly of all, you can register for a new account by clicking right here

Once you have completed the verification process you can make your first deposit which takes minutes to complete.

The minimum deposit requirement to trade is $250 which is quite reasonable when compared to other automated trading systems.

Furthermore, you’ll be glad to hear that the withdrawal process is very quick. Thus, profits typically appearing in linked bank accounts within 24-hours.


Crypotrader offers a number of monthly subscription plans that each come with backtesting and email alert features.

For starters, the Basic+ package for $8 comes with 1 live trading bot and a trading account limit of $1,000.

Up next, the Regular package which happens to be Cryptotraders most popular plan. Traders get 3 live trading bots and a $5,000 equity limit.

After that, comes the Pro package which will set you back $42. This plan gives access to 5 automated crypto trading bots and a $20,000 account limit. Furthermore, subscribers can take advantage of margin trading, short positions, SMS alerts, multiple trading instruments, and early access to new features.

For the more serious traders, the VIP comes with all of the Pro features plus an additional 5 trading bots, unlimited account limits and priority support.

Finally, the all inclusive Premium plan features an impressive 25 live trading bots. In addition to, unlimited account limits and access to all of Cryptotraders advanced features


Overall, Cryptotrader is a legitamite and established crypto trading bot platform that automatically executes trades on the users behalf. Furthermore, the platform is easy to use, reasonably priced and comes with a wide range of features and plans.

However, we found the standard strategies on the marketplace to be somewhat basic and in need of tweaking. And for that reason, we believe the platform is better suited to advanced bot traders.

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