What are Sorare rules? A quick guide

After the amount of interest shown in our Sorare review, we wanted to give you the lowdown on Sorare rules. First though, a quick recap of Sorare Fantasy Football League.

 Sorare Background

The fantasy football company Sorare, is a blockchain inspired digital football card game. Sorare are a relatively new company established in Paris France, 2019.

Although, a young company, Sorare have already partnered with Ubisoft, the French gaming giant. Furthermore, they have garnered over $4 million dollars in investment. This includes, Andre Schurrle, the former German international who is a major investor.

The company run a global fantasy football league, where you can buy officially licensed digital collectible football cards. Then, you can make a team with your cards and enter into global fantasy football leagues.

Please note, that you do not need to buy any cards to join the league. You are given 10 free player cards, common card,s that allow you to join the rookie’s leagues.  

If, you need a full overview you can read the Minedhash Sorare review.

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What are Sorare rules?

How to pick your team.

Sorare games are 5 a side tournament. You choose a team of 5 players from your set of digital football cards, to put in the team slots. Sorare rules are not that complicated.

There must be at least,

Defender (1)

Goalkeeper (1)

Midfielder (1)

Forward (1)

You also pick a team captain. The team captain then gets a boost in points. Please note, you cannot choose a common player as a captain.

After, you have completed your team selection, it is automatically saved, and you are now entered into your chosen league.

Sorare digital football card rules

What Sorare leagues can I enter?

Sorare have 3 types of league structure. Each has different weekly rewards, related to which league you are competing in. Sorare rules are different for each.

The globally structured league.

This league allows you to use digital football cards from any of the globally connected confederation teams as players. What this means is, your team can contain players from European, Asian, and American leagues, all at once.

In the global league there are 3 types of league.

First is the all-star league, which consists of 4 divisions. You can make your team out of Unique, Super Rare and Rare digital cards.

Next, is the Under 23 league, in which you can again choose your team using Unique, Super Rare and Rare digital cards. However, to enter, players must be under the age of 23, on the 1st July 2020.

Finally, there is the rookie league where you can play with only common cards.

Regionally structured leagues.

The European champions league consists of 4 divisions. You can only use cards belonging to players that play for teams currently in the top 5 European leagues. These are the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1. Your team can include Unique, Super Rare, and Rare digital cards.

The American champions league set up is the same as the European league. However, players must be from a team in the MLS, Superliga Argentina, Liga MX, Colombian Primera A, Brasileiro Serie A.

The Asian champions league again uses the same Sorare rules as the others. This time players must be from a team in J. League, K League, Chinese Super League.

The European challenger league is set as the other leagues, but the players you can use must play in one of the European leagues outside the top 5. These include the Portuguese Liga, Russian Premier League, Eredivisie, Belgium Pro League, Scottish Premiership, Turkish SuperLig, English Championship.

Specially structured leagues

First, there is the Training league, where you can again combine your Unique, Super Rare and Rare cards to enter.

Lastly, there is the weekly challenge which you can enter depending on your eligibility.

Eligibility is used in all leagues to ensure that managers with similarly graded player cards play against each other.

How often are Sorare tournaments played

There are 2 Sorare games per week. The first takes in all games played from Tuesday through Thursday. Then, the second incorporates the games played from Friday through Monday.

In order for a tournament to take place there need to be at least 10 club, that are under license, playing during that game week.


On the hole, there is nothing in the Sorare rules that are hard to follow or would deter you from signing up. It is super simple to join up, pick a team and join a league.

Moreover, they just added Paris St German and Neymar to their list of licensed teams that allow digital player cards.

On top of this, Sorare last week added a new interface that allows you to purchase cards directly using your credit card. You don’t need to convert your Fiat currency into Ether first.

This could be the start of something big. Why not get in before the hordes. Sign up by clicking the banner beloe.

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