Cargo digital art platform for NFTs

Cargo digital art platform is a one stop site that allows you to create, share, and sell digital art and NFTs.

Yes, that is right, Cargo enables you to do it all in one.

Furthermore, because of Cargo’s use of blockchain technology you are not limited to minting one at a time. You can mint thousands at a time.

So, if you are a gaming company, this could be ideal for multiples of In game items.

What is cargo digital art platform?

Cargo is a secure digital assets platform and especially blockchain art market place, which was launched on the 28th July,2020. It uses Ethereum based blockchain distributed ledger technology. The platform gives you the tools to create, share and sell your digital assets, all on one platform. This includes digital art and in- game collectibles or NFTs.

Cargo has been helped in its journey to fruition by Polyient Labs and its offshoot Polyient Games. Polyient Labs helps start ups realize their ambitions with early investment and back up throughout.

They have helped companies such as In addition, their Games Lab have in their stable luminaries such as Axie Infinity and Sandbox.

Sean Papanikolas, founder of Cargo sums up nicely Cargo’s intention-

“to drive the NFT space forward and make it easier and more cost effective for creators to make the things they are passionate about.”

To realize this, Cargo platform uses ERC-2309. This delivers a system that can monitor the creation, and transfer of hugely scalable amounts of NFTs.

Therefore, cargo does not only cater for individual creators, but also for gaming companies wanting to make thousands of digital in game cards.

Minting NFTs on Cargo digital art platform

You can mint an array of media forms, including image files, video, 3D models and audio using tokenization (non fungible tokens).

These NFTs are then linked to a blockchain that tracks who owns a particular digital asset. You the owner hold the digital key to the assets proving ownership of the token.

Sign up and paying on Cargo

To sign up to you will first need a crypto wallet. They recommend either Metamask or Formatic wallet, which you can download directly via Cargo. Quick note, if you don’t sign up with Formatic wallet you will be asked for an email address.

I myself think Metamask is the best browser extension wallet and an essential tool for the Ethereum network. However, be sure to check that it is the official wallet, as copies have been found on Google play.

If you already have an Ethereum wallet, it is just a matter of connecting it to

Next, Cargo has introduced a no hassle one price fee for minting your digital art or digital cards. They named this Magic Minting. As such, you do not need to fret over fluctuating Gas fees or blockchain verification.

Instead, you only pay a flat fee of $1.99 per minted NFT. In addition, you can pay with a credit card or a debit card.

Then, once you have minted your NFT, it is instantaneously added to your collection. You can then sell digital art or cards on the marketplace or send it to another wallet.

create digital collectibles on Cargo

Creating digital collectibles on

When you want to create digital collectibles on Cargo you have 2 options.

With the first you can create a single collectible within the Cargo collection. Alternatively, with the second you make your own collection and then create your digital NFTs.

Option 1

You create your NFT using Cargo.builds software. Next you add the collectible to the pre-existing Cargo community collection.

This collection showcases other creators in the community and reduces fees incurred during transactions.

Option 2

With option 2, you first need to create your own collection. After this is done, you can create an almost infinite amount of collectibles. This is as long as you have enough Cargo credits to mint your NFTs.

Cargo credits are the digital tokens that you use to create your NFT’s. When you sign up your are given a free token which you receive after paying Gas fees for the transfer.

If you need a more detailed overview you can visit

Add and sell digital art on Cargo marketplace

To add and sell digital assets, you will first need to create a showcase. You can do this from your dashboard.

A showcase is where you can display and sell your digital art and NFTs. Once, you have created your showcase, you can then open it to the public by adding it to the marketplace.

People can then go into your showcase to view and buy your digital collectibles.

Let us elaborate. Say you have sold collectibles to others from your showcase. You can set it up in such a way, that when an owner of a piece from your collection wishes to sell the owner will be shown they can sell the piece within your showcase.

Furthermore, you can set a commission fee, for any piece that you sell for others in your showcase, of up to 20%.

Tokens: Cargo gems and Cargo Credits

Cargo Gems and Cargo Credits are the 2 fungible ERC-20 tokens used on the platform.

Cargo Credits are needed to create NFTs. At the time of writing it costs 1 Cargo Credit to create 1 NFT. However, they will not always be in tandem as market forces begin to take affect.

At the moment, you can buy credits on the platform. Moreover, you can buy different packages available that cater for both individual creators and larger companies wishing to create in bulk.

Cargo Gems is the governance token and will in the future be used as a method of payment.

They can be used for staking on the platform. When you stake Cargo Gems you can earn rewards in both Cargo Gems and Credits.

There is a total supply of 30,000,000 Gems. The initial supply is limited to 1,500,00 Gem and there is a total of 10,800,000 Gem in staking rewards.

For now, you can buy Cargo Gems on Uniswap. To date there are 425 addresses holding Gems, with a total of 5221 transactions.

In the last 24 hours alone over 18,000 gems have been bought on Uniswap. Each Gem at this time costs $0.25.


Cargo digital art platform looks like it could become another blockbuster like Rarible.

It allows you to mint, share and sell all your collectibles using an easy interface.

As for now there is not much volume on the platform, but more people are coming on board.

Furthermore, as can be seen from the increase in addresses buying Gems on Uniswap word is starting to get out. When I started looking into Cargo there were only a few holding addresses. So, they are getting more exposure.

To conclude, We think that Cargo has a bright future. This conclusion comes about mostly from the fact that Polyient Labs has faith in it.

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