The Sandbox Virtual Gaming World

The Sandbox virtual gaming world is one of the most exciting and highly anticipated blockchain gaming projects.

First of all, the popularity of games based around building virtual worlds is quite staggering. Currently, the hugely popular Roblox and Minecraft games dominate the genre. And when combined, have more than 170 million active monthly users worldwide.

However, as users will testify, these virtual worlds are far from perfect. And their centralized nature creates a whole range of issues.

One such issue is that items created on the platform remain the property of the game and not the players. Thus, in-game items have no real-world value.

Furthermore, in-game items traded on the marketplace are subject to sizeable fees that go directly to the game developers.

What is The Sandbox Game?

The Sandbox game is a new type of virtual world that looks to leverage blockchain technology to tackle the issues of centralization in gaming. As a result, players can create, own, trade, and monetize in-game items independently.

To achieve this, all created items within the game are tokenized on the blockchain through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These are a special type of cryptographic token that guarantees each item’s authenticity and ownership.

Therefore, in-game items are owned by the players and not the developers. And since the players own the items, they can be traded on a peer-to-peer basis, eliminating 3rd party trading fees.

The SAND Token

Sand is the utility token of the Sandbox virtual world. The primary purpose of the token is to facilitate transactions on the platform. In other words, it creates an in-game economy in which players can buy and sell in-game items, rent lands, and pay for game experiences.

Furthermore, the Sandbox game is decentralized and owned by the community, with the platform governed as a decentralized autonomous organization. As a result, SAND holders will soon be able to participate in the governance of the platform.

The Sandbox Platform

The Sandbox platform consists of three main components


VoxEdit is an all-in-one 3D modeling package in which players can create and animate game items such as tools and people. Once an item is created, it can be exported to the marketplace to become an in-game asset.


The marketplace is where creators can upload, publish, and sell their creations as NFTs. And thanks to SAND token, all transactions take place instantly and securely.

Game Maker

The game maker allows anyone who owns a virtual sandbox asset, to place it with a virtual piece of land. Therefore, players can customize and create unique experiences to enjoy within the game.

What are LANDS?

LANDS are the segments of digital real estate that make up the Sandbox metaverse. The Sandbox has a total fixed supply of 166,000 pieces of LAND, divided into three unit types.

First of all, the standard LAND is the basic unit of the metaverse and measures 96×96 meters in the in-game world.

Next up, ESTATES which combine multiple plots of LAND. Therefore, owners have a larger space to build upon and can create more in-depth gaming experiences.

Finally, we have DISTRICTS. These are owned by several players who work in collaboration and benefit from increased rewards and special governance rules.

However, it must be noted, a number of criteria need to be met before being eligible to convert an estate into a district. LANDS must be adjacent and a minimum of 2 owners is necessary. Furthermore, owners must stake the required amount of SAND, and district approval is subject to a vote.

build on LAND

Benefits of Owning LAND

Owning LAND offers a number of benefits within the Sandbox virtual world.

To begin with, players can build on their LAND by creating and buying in-game items. Owners then have the option to monetize their creations by charging visitors SAND tokens. Alternatively, owners can customize and sell their LANDs for a profit.

Another benefit of owning LAND is that it grants owners a voice in the governance of the platform. Thus, owners have a say in determining the future of the platform.

Furthermore, owners can choose to rent their LAND to gaming developers. The developers can then create, publish, and earn an income through the rented land. This allows owners to earn a passive income from their LAND.


The Sandbox virtual world has the potential to take the gaming industry by storm. The project is already receiving noticeable investment from established gaming developers ATARI, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Shaun the Sheep to mention a few.

And given the massive popularity of the virtual world-building genre and vast benefits of blockchain technology. It’s fair to say, the Sandbox virtual world has massive upside potential.

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