UHive Social Network of the Future

The UHive social network seeks to create a whole new social media experience.

The innovative platform combines human psychology, blockchain technology, and AI to create a platform that is unique and enjoyable.

In addition, it is also the first social media platform to incorporate virtual reality and physical dimensions. All user profiles and walls exist within a physical location address on the Uhive network.

As a result, users can visually explore the social network to identify what is worth viewing. Thus, eliminating the need for hashtags and keyword searches.

The UHive Social Network

There are two unique worlds within the UHive social network.

The first being, The Civilized World which features real people and real profiles. This is a fully regulated world and operates just like traditional social networks. Users can openly socialize with friends and family, discover new topics, and join communities.

Next, The Grey World is a completely anonymous space built on the UHives decentralized blockchain infrastructure. There are no rules or regulations here. Users can follow communities and have complete freedom of expression and content.

In addition, users can create multiple profiles, one for each world, and easily transition between. And, thanks to UHive patented hybrid blockchain technology, users’ can rest assured their data, identity, and activities remain secured and anonymous.

Soical Network Spaces

Key to the whole experience is the network’s unique content discovery system. Whereas, conventional social media platforms utilize algorithmic-based content selection. Uhive, on the other hand, employs an interest-based selection method.

Since the UHive social network revolves around physical locations known as spaces, these spaces can be visually explored. Moreover, not all spaces are created equally. Physical locations become more visible based on a number of factors such as user engagement, appearance, and content.

Additionally, spaces near famous locations are more desirable as they generate a lot of traffic since people visiting the space will also see your space. This adds a whole new dimension to the network, with prime interest-based locations highly sought after due to the increased engagement they generate.

What is a UHive token?

The UHive token has its very own digital currency, the UHive token. The token powers transactions on the network and facilitates a digital economy. As a result, users can purchase goods, and services within the network. Furthermore, spaces can be bought, sold, rented, and traded.

Uhive social networking

And that’s not all, the Uhive social network wants to reward users for their participation. Therefore, users receive UHive token in exchange for social engagements and time spent on the app. So for every minute users spends on the app, with a maximum daily limit of 4 hours, they are earning tokens.

Currently, you can purchase tokens through the app or website. And in the near future, tokens can be exchanged for money. Essentially, creating a passive income for the network’s users.

Virtual reality meets social media

In another social media first, the UHive social network is compatible with virtual reality. In fact, the whole network was designed with virtual reality at its core.

As a result, users will be able to interact with and explore the network using the latest virtual reality headsets. This allows users to connect with content like never before and become part of the experience. Thus, creating a whole new dimension to social networking.


The UHive social network is an innovative and exciting project that revolves are the concept of physical space and virtual reality. The overall goal of the project is to create a self-sustained digital economy built around its user’s social needs.

And while the project is still very much in its infancy, it is showing a lot of potential with over 200,000 users since beta launch.

All in all, the UHive social network offers a refreshing and completely new take on social media. One in which its users are in complete control.

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