Upland Property Trading Game

This review takes a look at the open beta of the new play to earn blockchain-powered property trading game Upland.

Within the Upland virtual gaming world, players can profit from buying, selling, and trading properties based on real-world locations. And if trading isn’t your thing, you can choose to monetize your property by running a virtual business to provide in-game services.

How does Upland work?

First of all, the platform is powered by the EOS blockchain and features it’s own in-game cryptocurrency UPX token.

Each property within the game is unique and relates to real-world locations. Also, players can view properties through Google street view before purchasing.

In addition, players receive monthly earnings from their properties much like how real proprietors do. And since the Upland is a decentralized world, players will maintain sole ownership of their properties.

Therefore, to guarantee the authenticity of assets within the game, each asset takes the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In other words, ownership of properties is notarized on the blockchain, resulting in true ownership and guaranteed scarcity.

The game currently features three real-life cities, San Francisco, Fresno, and New York. However, a host of new cities are in the works and expected to be rolled out in the near future.

Getting Started

New players can sign-up by visiting upland.me or by downloading the app in either the App Store or Google Play and following the instructions.

Change your world on Upland
Rebuild the Upland property trading game

Upon completion of sign up, players can select a Block Explorer which acts as a game piece on the map. This allows you to explore cities and purchase available properties for a limited time.

UPX Coin

After choosing a Block Explorer, new players will receive a 3000 UPX welcome bonus to begin their property trading game adventure.

This enables players to start buying, selling, and trading virtual real-world locations on a peer-to-peer basis.

Furthermore, players have the option to purchase additional UPX coins in fixed amounts through the Upland store.

And soon players will be able to exchange their UPX coins for USD and withdraw their proceeds directly to their PayPal accounts.

Becoming an Uplander

New players will automatically receive a visitor’s status to get them started in the game.

However, visitor status provides limited access to in-game features. And to maintain true ownership of properties, players must upgrade to Uplander status at a cost of 10,000 UPX.

Furthermore, players need to renew their Uplander statues every week to maintain ownership of their properties. And, those who fail to renew their status will have all in-game assets including UPX balance voided and recycled back into the game.

How to Buy, Sell, and Trade Properties?

First of all, players can use their Block Explorer to explore cities and identify properties. Available properties will appear in green and those not currently listed for sale will show in light blue.

trade properties on Upland

Properties available for sale can be purchased by simply clicking on them and hitting the buy now button.

Properties that appear in light blue are those that are not currently listed for sale. However, players can still select these properties and place an offer.

In addition, Uplanders can choose to trade properties directly on a player to player basis eliminating the need for UPX coin.

Last but not least, players can sell their properties on the Marketplace at any time. Through the marketplace, players can set their own prices or trade for another property.

Upland Collections and Levels

Upland collections are a central part of the Upland virtual property trading game and allow players to boost their earnings by completing tasks. These tasks involve owning a set number of properties in specific locations and collecting properties with similar characteristics.

Upon completing a collection, players earn a UPX bonus reward and a boost in earnings for all properties within the collection.

Furthermore, each collection has a difficulty level ranking. There are five rankings and rewards vary depending on levels. Thus, the completion of collections with higher levels will receive greater rewards than those of lower levels.


Despite many of the game’s features still under development, the Upland property trading game shows a lot of potential. Furthermore, the game’s built-in crypto wallet and easy-to-use interface have the simplicity to take blockchain gaming to a whole new audience.

Overall, the project is still very much under development and as a result, it’s too early to tell if the game will go mainstream or not. However, if it were to, early property investors would reap the rewards by securing highly coveted properties at cost price.

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