5 blockchain games to earn crypto

Blockchain games look set to revolutionize the online gaming industry by creating in-game economies and monetizing decentralized in-game assets.

Blockchain gaming solved a massive problem that gamers had when it comes to liquidity. How can gamers reliably convert their gaming assets into cash and preserve authenticity?

That is where blockchain comes in. Since blockchain games use crypto as their main currency and exchange source, it allows for easier handling and decentralized ownership of in-game assets.

What about earning crypto through the game? In this article, we will be looking at five games that you can start playing right now to earn some delicious crypto.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Blockchain game

First up, we have Axie Infinity. This extremely popular game is the leading blockchain game and allows you to earn crypto by playing it. Furthermore, we believe Axie Infinity will be the first Ethereum based NFT game to gain mainstream adoption.

The game currently boasts over 7,000 active users and is loosely based on Pokemon. Therefore, it follows a similar structure when it comes to playing.

Users need a minimum of 3 Axie to play the game. These Axie need to be purchased, and you will use them to progress in the game. From battling other players to your environment, it will all depend on how strong your Axie is.

The cost of a single Axie can vary, but for now, the cheapest Axie in the game is $20. Thus, to start playing the game you need to invest a total of $60. Your initial investment in obtaining an Axie will allow you to snowball your net worth with playing.

The price of Axie varies depending on their attributes. As a result, Axie with better attributes will fetch more money on the market. Also, there are different types of Axie and each one is good in its own ways.

An Axie is built up of six body parts. These body parts are the attributes that define how strong or weak an Axie is. In addition, how well these classes or attributes interact with each other shows how pure the Axie is. Purer Axie tend to be better as their classes compliment each other.

How is the gameplay?

When it comes to PVE, players can pit their Axies against AI opponents to level up. However, PVP is a completely different story. In PVP, your three Axie have to go against three of the enemies and here every point of strength begins to matter.

The game is not simple at all, as the opponents will improve their Axie to make sure they are the best. Pulling off a victory takes a lot of effort.

Gods Unchained

Blockchain gaming title Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a first-generation blockchain game that came to life in 2019 and uses Ethereum as its main cryptocurrency source. In addition, the turn-based card game had a very successful startup with the initial launch amassing millions in both funding and profits.

The basic idea in the game is to allow players to battle each other. The battle is a 1v1 between players. With a deck consisting of nearly 30 cards each a different god, the idea is to bring your opponent’s health down to zero.

How can one earn cards?

Players can earn cards by playing games. The coolest feature of the game in our opinion is how two identical cards in your inventory can be combined. These cards can then be traded amongst the community. In other words, they can be bought, sold, and even lent out. Every single card present in a player’s collection is a virtual asset that takes the form of an NFT.

Gods Unchained Card game

The game even contains its own marketplace. The marketplace in Gods Unchained is connected to an Ethereum client. This allows players to sell their cards and buy cards off of other players. Transactions occur in the form of ERC721 Tokens.

The developers Immutable X have started to ship in upgrades to the game in order to boost its player base. Their goal is to challenge online games such as Fortnite by decentralizing their economy through blockchain. Thereby allowing gamers to own what they buy rather than just being useless pixels on a screen with no value.

If you are a fan of card games based on fantasy and mythical gods, then Gods Unchained might be something you’d be interested in. If you like Hearthstone this will be a definite yes.


Huntercoin MMO

If you are a fan of MMOs then Huntercoin might be the blockchain game for you. Huntercoin uses its own currency known as Huntercoins. These cryptocurrencies are known as alternatives or altcoins and they share the same features that are present in mainstream cryptos.

What is the game like?

The game is similar to Gauntlet. Remember that game from the 80s? Huntercoin is very much the same. It features a top-down world that is 2D. Players in the game have to navigate around the map where they can collect coins. The coins you collect can be stored in your e-wallet. Later on, you can trade these coins for actual real-world money through exchange platforms such as Poloniex.

Huntercoin is a pretty simple game and that is the main reason for its popularity. The game has close to 5000 active players so far and it is growing at a very healthy rate. It brought the first of many into the world of gaming.

Huntercoin MMO

For example, Huntercoin is the world’s first MMOG(Massively Multiplayer Online Game) that is both peers to peer and decentralized. Huntercoin also broke the water with human-minable currency. Thus, the more effort you put into the game, the more money you can make.

The game has been lowkey for quite some time now. The main reason is that the whole project is a hobby by the developer team. There is yet no mainstream advertising or promotion of the game. Consequently, if you want to play Huntercoin, you can jump into their main website and start playing within the hour.


Splinterlands DAPP

In real life card games, the cards hold a significant value. Let us take pokemon for an example. Certain cards can go for thousands of dollars just because of their importance and rarity. (It may not even be a strong playable card).

However, this aspect of card games is hard to replicate in online games and non-physical card games. Splinterlands is trying to solve this issue by creating an online collectible card game that allows everyone to hold their digital cards with as much value as real-life collectible cards.

How does it integrate blockchain?

Splinterlands have recently integrated with WAX blockchain gaming platform. Furthermore, Splinterlands already has one of the most active marketplaces in the blockchain gaming category. With around 2500 daily active users shuffling their decks the marketplace is a bustling place of trade and activity.

With the addition of WAX users can now easily sell, trade and buy cards on Splinterlands without the need for 3rd party sites. Thereby allowing the owners to retain its original market value without any depreciation.

If you are looking for a card game that allows you to have a high-end blockchain experience then Splinterlands is your go-to option. The fantasy-based card game is now available on both Android and IOS. Therefore you can play the game whenever you want, wherever you want.


Sorare NFT

This is a digital collectible football card game that is suited towards sports fans. Fantasy collectible games are everywhere right now and Sorare brings a breath of fresh air into the world of blockchain gaming. The game started off in 2018 and has hit off since then. Currently, the game boasts over 40000+ users while generating close to $1 million every month in sales.

What is the game like?

Collectible sports cards have existed for decades and are one of the most valuable collectible assets a collector can own. Some physical cards go for millions at auctions.

While physical cards attract so much value it has been difficult and near impossible to replicate that success and legitimacy with digital collectible sports cards. But now with Sorare, sports fans have a new medium to start their own collections.

Fantasy football NFT cards

Every single card in the Sorare game is a personal asset and a collectible that has its own value depending on rarity, performance, and ownership. In addition, cards are certified by their official clubs and leagues, boosting their value in the digital world. Owners of the cards can sell and trade them through the in-game marketplace or on digital asset platforms like Opensea and Rarible.

Users can also use these cards to create their own teams to participate in online fantasy football tournaments. The game is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can use their cards to play in tournaments where the winners will be awarded Ethereum payouts and additional collectible cards to their collection. Grow your collection and grow your digital assets.


This wraps our list of blockchain games that allow you to make some crypto by playing them. While there are a lot more games out there than the five we have mentioned, we chose these due to their popularity and authority.

These blockchain gaming titles have existed for a good year or more and do not show any sign of falling over. Pick your game and have fun while growing your digital assets in the process.

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