Blankos block party blockchain toy game

Blankos Block Party is a brand new mmo that brings toy vinyls to life. It is similar to a toy story game. The sandbox mmo allows you to control your own Blankos toy.

Furthermore, players can engage in a variety of different activities such as chatting with friends, creating their own worlds and minigames.

What is special about Blankos Block Party?

This is the world’s first triple A blockchain game. Unlike most other blockchain games on the market Blankos Block Party is not a small fish in the sea. The game has some big names in the development team on both the coding and designing side.

The developers

The developers of Blankos Block Party are Mythical Games. Ever since they released their trailer last June which gave us a peek into the world that they have created a lot more progress has been done on the game.

Mythical Games have been at the top of the next-gen gaming world since 2019. In fact, Forbes labelled Mythical Games to be one of the most disruptive technology companies.

Their specialty lies in integrating blockchain to their ventures. They have created their own universal ecosystem for gaming.

The goal of the company is to create new game-based economies in which players, artists, creators, game developers and brands can become owners and stakeholders.

creators of Blanko

The theme of Blankos party game

The theme of the game is pretty simple. It does not have any in depth lore or such. The foundation of the game is set through vinyl toys. These vinyl toys will come to life through Blankos. Unlike Toy Story or Legos, the toys are not physical but completely digital and are present inside the game.

A basic overview of the game

The economy

The economy of the Blankos block party game is built around the toys. The toys present in the game have a certain rarity attached to them. This rarity is created when the toys are turned into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and recorded on the blockchain.

Moreover, specific artists built and designed each toy. Pete Fowler, James Groman, Kronk and Tara McPherson are a few of the artists retained. These artists will create custom vinyl toys making them exclusive NFTs.

This exclusivity should make them highly sought out collectibles, or digital assets. Of course, the only difference between two toys are their design and appearance, they still follow the same structure.

When a player owns a certain toy, they can see all the statistics attached to it on the blockchain. For instance, they can see how many of it exists in the game, to how many of a certain toy you have.

Some toys are seasonal and are available only for a set period of time; when they leave the shop they are gone for good. All these factors determine the price of a certain toy.

When you own a certain Blanko NFT, you get to keep it on your virtual shelf. If needed players can even store it with its own virtual box (quite similar to how actual vinyl toys are stored in collections).

Blankos digital assets

What is the price range of a Blanko?

Physical vinyl toys in the real world are no joke. Certain toys can fetch prices as high as thousands of dollars.

However, we expect the Blankos block party to start off a bit slow. From what we know so far, the price of a Blanko NFTs is similar to the price of skins being sold on similar online games.

But, we still cannot predict the exact value of a Blanko. It all depends on its rarity and its demand. A rare Blanko that is designed by a world-renowned vinyl designer? Phew, we could start seeing some crazy prices.

Blockchain technology in Blankos Block Party

Mythical Games are using blockchain technology to create its own marketplace for Blankos Block Party. The presence of blockchain technology will aid the ability to track a Blankos digital footprint and ownership. This is similar to other blockchain games, such as the new Doctor Who digital trading card game.

Once a player buys a Blanko it is out of Mythical Games control. The presence of Digital Ownership will help keep track of everything. The blockchain technology will be the sense of legitimacy in the game.

For example, let us say a streamer used a specific Blanko. Later, he will sell it on the marketplace. If someone else buys it the ownership will be transferred to the relevant individual.

If by chance he is told to prove the authenticity of the Blanko he owns, he can trace the chain back along its owners and prove it.

Gameplay aspects

We do not know much about Blankos Block Party as it is still in development. The Beta testing started out in November.

Therefore, we would be able to get comprehensive detailing on the gameplay aspects of Blankos Block Party soon. So far, we do know a little bit about the game and we will be discussing it in this section.

Level Editing Toolkit for Blankos Block Party

create games on blanko

This is a development tool that allows you to add in items from different menus into the level.

It is similar to what you experience in Roblox and Little Big Planet. In fact, the similar mechanics make the game a whole lot easier and much simpler to manage.

Players can use the tools available to create their own minigames. When we mean their own minigame we really mean it.

There really are not any limitations to what you can do in Blankos Block Party. From platform games, racing arcades to team deathmatch shooters, it is all possible with a little bit of patience, dedication, and creativity.

And do not worry about creativity, the game has some mind-blowing combinations. For example, according to the creators of a minigame, they had a unicorn gun that fires rocket propelled ice cream, crazy right?

Party bus

The party bus is Blankos Block Party database. This is where users can upload their different minigames to. Users worldwide can access the Party Bus and play the minigames that you created.

Different levels will be given to each player depending on their preferences. Each player can also level up their Blanko to give themselves a competitive edge when pitting themselves against other players.

We still do not know if the skill tree system is permanent for a Blanko. But what we do know is that you can level them up in a variety of different ways, from agility and speed, strength to accuracy.

virtual toy box on blankos block party

What will Blankos Block Party bring to the table that others do not?

Other than providing interactive gameplay for its users and content creators, Blankos Block Party brings a strong sense of socialization.

The developers have even decided to add a Nightclub to the game. A place where content creators and players can all hangout and converse.

Its ability to combine a trading platform, a gaming platform and a social platform together is going to be a sight to behold.

Furthermore, with added spice of each NFT having a finite number produced, there is the possibility of them appreciating in value.

Finally, with its Beta Testing being done and founders packs being released, we will soon be able to witness how much Blankos Block party has evolved over its duration.

If you like the sound of it, you can visit their website now download the beta version and get in there.

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