Cryptovoxels social VR platform

Cryptovoxels is a unique VR world built upon the Ethereum blockchain. Launched over a year ago, it allows people to buy land, and monetize through building stores, art galleries, etc.

In addition to this, the platform provides built-in editing tools, text chat, and avatars.

And since Ethereum is the second-largest project in the crypto economy, Cryptovoxels is without a doubt, a top up-and-coming venture.

The world of Cryptovoxels

First of all, Voxels are volumetric pixels representing the grid value of a three-dimensional space. You may be familiar with Minecraft which is one of the most famous Voxel builders.

Cryptovoxles is an amalgamation of Facebook and Minecraft. Like Minecraft, it also starts with a fundamental building block but allows text, images, audio files, gifs, scripting, and .vox files. Also, in the near future, they plan to add a video stream with work already started.

Cryptovoxels is a truly immersive social VR project. Furthermore, users buy, sell, and trade digital assets such as virtual properties within a genuinely unique virtual world environment.

In-game Currency

The currency within the Cryptovoxels social VR world is $COLR (color).

So how does $COLR work.?

First of all, parcels refer to the land grids within the virtual world. And if you have an ETH wallet, you can buy and sell these parcels on the Opensea peer-to-peer marketplace. Furthermore, since parcels are bought and traded through the ETH blockchain, it also serves to verify the ownership of the parcel.

Voxels get their color from $COLR token. To color stack a voxel, users can purchase $COLR from The current price of images is around 400 COLR per 0.1 ETH.

Cryptovoxels colored image

Therefore, without $COLR, all media, including audio, photos, and text, in the virtual world will appear black and white.

By default, parcels are merely black and white. However, they may come colored if purchased from a user who color stacked them.

Artist Friendly Platform

Digital builders can expect a complete Minecraft like experience. This means Cryptovoxels is rich with talented builders who are showcasing their work.

This does not imply that Cryptovoxels are limited to digital architects. In the digital world, the only limitation is the limit of your imagination.

Quite recently, Cryptovoxles has been transformed into a platform for crypto artists. Artists that create non-fungible tokens on Ethereum have created galleries to display their masterpieces in Cryptovoxles. Thus, making the platform a paradise for artists and content creators.

Experience the Virtual World:

All in all, the virtual world of Cryptovoxels has around 711 parcels held by various people. Currently, the platform has around 3500 users visit the city each month, with that number expected to rise exponentially over the coming months.

However, since the project is still very much in its inception. the virtual world might seem quite empty when no one else is awake. Therefore, users have the perfect opportunity to mesmerize themselves with wonderful serenity.

The city also has “teleport” functionality. A building named the “The Center” will allow you to visit any part of the town directly.

Walking the vast 30 Kilometer of land from east to west will take a lot of time. Thus, this feature is the quickest way to go to places.

You also come across tons of crypto art along the way. Some meme enthusiasts have graced the Bitcoin Hall with famous memes of Elon Musk smoking and tons of Pepe memes.

The museum also pays homage to all bitcoin-related things. If you would like to spend a lovely half an hour, walking under the pale blue sky this will be quite an enriching experience.

And if you like what you see, why not go ahead and build something yourself.

Future Auctions

Currently, all the Origin City properties in the Cryptovoxels ecosystem have sold out. However, this does put an end to this groundbreaking virtual reality technology.

Plans are underway to add new island territories to the surrounding of Origin City. These islands will, after that, be auctioned.

As a result, any upcoming auction will only be for add-on island territories, and Origin City parcels will have to be purchased on secondary markets.

logo of Cryptovoxels

Constant Improvement

Since blockchain-based projects are a new phenomenon, there is always room for improvement. Therefore, constant updates make sure the system is free of bugs and running on the best best-optimized software.

If you follow Cryptovoxels on Twitter, you will realize the immense reputation that Cryptovoxels have earned in a short span of time.

The day-to-day updates of Cryptovoxels are a testament to the wonderful development team they have hired. Such dynamic practices go a long way in the virtual world.


As of 2020, the Virtual Reality industry is significantly on the rise and is experiencing unprecedented growth. Furthermore, digital spaces are looking to capitalize on this increased attention.

This has put Cryptovoxels in the spotlight of the crypto economy. Considering the short amount of time since the project’s inception, the growth has been exponential.

In this regard, Cryptovoxels is clearly one of the most actively pursued projects in the crypto ecosystem. With the rise in virtual reality, the scope for these virtual world ecosystems will only rise.

In short, the timing of this project could never have been better. It is exceptionally well built and shows that Ethereum can be much more than a decentralized financial platform.

Instead, it can be used for digital real estate transactions. These new paradigms are incredibly cool to explore and possess immense possibilities.

In the world of VR, Cryptovoxels is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

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