Digital trading card game Doctor Who Worlds Apart

Doctor Who Worlds Apart is a new digital trading card game that uses blockchain technology to create digital cards or non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This is the first time that the millions of fans of Dr. Who will be able to buy and trade officially sanctioned digital cards. Furthermore, each card character and frame is a limited edition with some rarer and more collectible than others.

In addition, the cards themselves will include many of the characters, both friend and foe, that have punctuated the Doctor’s journey through the Universe.  

The digital trading card game is slated for PC release in mid-2021 and you will also be happy to hear that they are developing a mobile app.

Reality Gaming Group are the developers behind Dr. Who Worlds Apart. The BBC, in its first ever digital trading card game, awarded the license to them, so everything is official and above board.

Who are Reality Gaming Group?

The developers of the Doctor Who digital trading card game, Reality Gaming Group are a London-based company.

The company was set up in 2017. Its focus is on developing games that employ blockchain technology and NFTs to create digital collectibles.

As well as obtaining the license to develop Dr. Who Worlds Apart, they have released Reality Clash. This is a combat packed mobile game, in which you can trade your in-game digital assets. Additionally, these items are recorded and secured on the blockchain. You can check out Reality Clash here.

Moreover, they have already developed a NFT trading platform, that allows you to create and trade NFTs.

So, keep an eye on the company as it jockeys for position with other like-minded companies such as Polyient Games, which you can read about here.

Doctor Who Worlds Apart Founders Tokens

The Doctor Who Worlds Apart Founders Token. Only 1963 will ever be minted.

Early comers to Doctor Who Worlds Apart have a chance to buy Founders’ tokens. These are a limited edition NFT. There will only ever be 1963 of theses tokens minted. By buying the NFTs you are helping support the game development.

In addition, holders of the Founders tokens are entitled to many in game perks. These include an exclusive invite to both the closed Alpha and Beta games.

You also receive 20% off all purchases and a 200% in game experience boost.

Moreover, you receive 1 Core,1 Premium and 1 Exclusive pack.

Finally, as a Dr. Who Worlds Apart token holder you will receive prizes from time to time.

Signing up and buying digital trading card game packs

Now is the time to start buying your collectible digital cards in the presale.

You can sign up to Dr. Who Worlds Apart and buy digital cards on their website.

There are 5 different packs that you can buy for the Doctor Who digital trading card game.

First, you can buy the Core pack for $4.99. Each Core pack contains 5 cards with a core frame. You have varying degrees of chance of acquiring each type of frame.

5 digital cards in Dr. Who core pack

Second, you can purchase the Premium pack for $12.99. This package contains 6 cards that are a mixture of Core and Alien frames.

Furthermore, you are guaranteed 1 Tardis frame, which I have to say look cool. Again, your chance of securing different types of frames vary.

Premium pack Dr. Who trading cards

Third, we have the Exclusive pack, which is quite mouthwatering, at a cost of $29.99. For your investment you get 7 cards, all of which are Alien cards. Additionally, you are assured 2 Tardis frames.

Doctor Who Worlds Apart exclusive pack

Fourth, you can buy the Tardis pack. The pack contains 10 cards that will set you back a whopping $196.30. However, for this amount, you are guaranteed 5 Tardis and 5 White-Point Star frames.

digital trading cards for Doctor Who

Finally, as I was finishing the article, they announced another new pack, Clones and Metamorph Packs. This pack includes an arbitrary assortment of 10 cards, each of which has a 50% chance of having a Zygon or Sontaran frames.  

So, you should jump in the Tardis and be among the first in the space and accumulate your Doctor Who collectible digital cards. Doctor Who digital trading card game could be the next big thing.

Why buy Doctor Who Digital trading cards now?

Although, the trading card game is not due for launch until mid-2021, you should still seriously consider getting in on the presale.

This is because you are buying limited edition digital trading cards. Therefore, upon the close of the presale no more of these cards will ever be produced again.

Henceforth, the only way you can acquire these cards is through trading them on the marketplace.

We would like you to note, that at present the digital NFTs are not tradable and will be locked until the end of the sale.

According to the website “this lock up period helps us ensure each digital card is well balanced before it becomes tradable on secondary markets.”

How Dr. Who digital trading card game works


If you have ever been a fan of Doctor Who over the years, then, you will love the variety of characters in the game.

First, you have Creatures, which derive from the aliens that appear in the TV series. They cause the most damage and are good blockers.

Companion Dr. Who trading card

Next, you use Companions in a similar role as creatures. However, they are modelled on significant characters from the show.

Planet Worlds Apart

Then, when you use the Planet card, you switch out the board you are battling on.

Phenomenon gaming card

After that, you have Phenomenon cards. They have unique abilities and a big impact when placed on the board.

Upgrades companion and creature

Following that, you can use Upgrade cards to equip your Creature and Companion cards with upgrades.

Moments tradeable card

Next, we come to Moment cards which you can use these to turn a battle in a moment. Beware though, they can also have a negative effect.

Flash digital NFT

Last, we have Flash cards. You can employ these to reply to actions taken by your opponent.

As can be seen from the characters available, if you like Doctor Who then there is every reason to sign up, even just for the sake of buying Dr. Who memorabilia.


Become a Timelord and start your adventure through the Universe ,to build up a reputation. Jump in your Tardis in order to journey from galaxy to galaxy, challenging anyone who gets in your way.

Each battle usually lasts between 10 and 30 minutes, so, you can’t take your eye of the board. Your aim is to outwit your opponent to attain victory. To achieve this, you need to get your enemy’s Tardis shield down to zero, therefore, show composure and battle to the death

Consequently, to optimize winning battles, you need to garner a pack of about 40 cards. With this in mind, make sure you have an assortment of characters, so that you are ready for any moves your enemy my make.

In conclusion

On the whole, we think that Doctor Who Worlds Apart digital trading card game has a bright future. Consider first, the fact that Dr. Who is an iconic show with followers throughout the Universe.

Moreover, each card has a finite amount which makes them very collectible, especially for the millions of diehard fans.

Similarly, it has the full backing of the BBC, which is colossal for publicity.

All in all, we think that getting in early and buying up cards will put you at an advantage when the game is released. And may just be a profitable enterprise (nothing to do with Star Trek).

Hope to battle you somewhere in the Universe in the not too distant future.

Until then, why not head over to Doctor Who Worlds Apart.

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