Neon District blockchain game launch

Neon District (ND) blockchain game begins a limited launch on the 15th December 2020. ND is a cyber punk role-playing game, set in a future dystopian city.

What makes it interesting, is its incorporation of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into the gaming.

Who makes Neon District blockchain game?

Neon District is the flagship game by the relatively well-known Blockade Games. Marguerite deCourcelle set up Blockade in March 2018.

Moreover, Ms. deCourcelle is regarded as the founder of the Cryptopuzzle genre and is well known in the crypto community as ‘crypto_art’. Additionally, Neon District has been incubated by NFT investment company Polyient Games, which we reviewed in an earlier article.

Since the company’s launch they have produced games including Plasma Bears and Pineapple arcade.

However, they regard Neon District as their flagship game. Their aim for the game is to introduce mainstream gamers to blockchain via a stimulating and exciting gaming experience.

What is Neon District?

Neon District is a free to play RPG set in a dystopian Sci-Fi city of the future. In the game, you need to fight your way through story-based missions, in which you must collect characters, ‘juice’, parts and gear.

As you play the game you collect cards. These cards are minted using Ethereum blockchain technology to create non fungible tokens. This allows players to create real world value for their cards and equipment.

Moreover, as you progress through the game, you will need to adjust and evolve your mindset as you encounter more challenging enemies and puzzles.

This includes becoming proficient in the trading card battle strategies and learning a variety of survival stratagems. Also, evolving new skills is essential to surviving in Neon District.

Then, as your characters begin to level up, you can garner new expertise and effects to enhance how they work. This allows you to create new strategies as you battle your way through Neon District.

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Neon District Setting

The Neon District which is inhabited by cyberpunks is an enclave within Unity City.  The city itself is divided.

There are the ‘haves’, who live an opulent lifestyle with all its excesses. Then, there are the ‘have nots’ who inhabit a place of hunger and despair.

The actual game will be released in parts known as seasons.

Season, one, as we noted earlier, will be released on the 15th of December. It features a single player crusade jam packed with ‘crime syndicates, oracles, cogs, genetic mods, winding plots, and a morally-questionable cast of characters’.

In addition to this cast of miscreants, you must fight your way through dozens of missions. Then, as you tunnel further into the seedy underbelly of Neon District you will come against the sinister movers and shakers that control Unity city’s dystopian landscape.

In Season 2 the story continues by you exploring the deep-seated web of distrust and corruption that plagues the city.

Furthermore, in the second season you will have the option to join forces with friends. From there, you and your allies can take on progressively difficult missions as you battle your way through Neon District.

How to play Neon District blockchain game

First, you need to sign up for a new account and enable Google 2FA. Once, you have signed up you will automatically be given a free Matic Wallet.

This is an Ethereum-based ERC20 crypto wallet that allows you to securely store crypto and NFTs. Furthermore, you have the option to connect your Ethereum Mainnet wallet, such as Metamask. Look for the wallet icon.

Thereafter, any assets you win during the game or purchase through the portal will be stored in your Matic wallet. Or you can transfer your assets to your ethereum Mainnet wallet for storage outside the game.

Next, you are given a free character whom you can armor. However, you must first purchase gear boxes using Neon tokens to do this.

choose from 6 Neon District characters

How to buy Neon Tokens

To purchase gear boxes for you characters on neon district blockchain game , you first need to buy Neon tokens. You can do this by clicking on the ‘buy neon’ icon on the portal.

From here you can either pay for your Neon with a credit card or with Ethereum crypto currency. You can do this via your Ethereum wallet.

Then, you proceed to purchase gear crates with your newly acquired Neon. Each crate costs 500 Neon and includes 4 items.

buy gear crates for Neon District

Now that you have received your gear crates, you can click on view all icon. All the items will come up in your inventory.

Please note that these items are in the form of non-fungible tokens and are recorded on a blockchain. This proves your ownership of the token or digital asset. We shall talk about this more later in the article.

inventory on ND

How to equip your ND character

Next up, you begin to equip and level up your character using your gear boxes, Juice and Parts. On signing up to Neon District blockchain game, each player receives 10 free Juice.

This is enough to level up your character to level 4. Furthermore, you can buy more Juice or Parts with Neon. Now, you are ready to level up.

First, you go to your dashboard. There you will see options to level up your character, weapons and armor. The process for levelling up each is similar, except that, for characters Juice is required and for the others, Parts are required.

level up on Neon District game

Next, you choose to level up your character. Then, you will be shown how much it costs to upgrade. Now, you click on the level up.

level up on ND

At this point, you can delve deeper into what character stats you wish to improve. Stats you may up grade include the usual array, such health, stealth, nano, attack, tactics, mech, hacking and defense. Take your time and choose what is right for you. Once. you have done this, you can confirm your choices by clicking finalize.

verify character choices

How to upgrade armor and weapons on Neon District

Other important aspects of the game are weapon and armor upgrades. The process is quite similar to that of character levelling. This is apart from the fact that you use Parts rather than Juice to pay.

Once you have went through the upgrade choices, you again choose finalize and your upgrade is complete.

Finally, you are ready to commence fighting.

Buying and selling Neon District NFTs

Since items on ND are in the form of NFTs, it is possible to trade them. To do this, you first transfer your digital asset to your Ethereum Mainnet wallet.

It is important to note that 2FA must be enabled, in order to transfer your digital assets. This adds an extra layer of security to protect your NFTs.

From this point there are a few steps you need to take.

fill in the 2FA.

Next, a pop up will appear with a list of your connected wallets. Choose the wallet you wish to transfer to.

After that, your Mainnet wallet will prompt you to sign a message. This ensures that you are sending your digital assets to the right address.

Now, you will get a prompt to begin the transfer to your Ethereum wallet.

Once the transaction is recorded you will be asked to finalize the transfer.

Finally, you turn to your Ethereum wallet and click, confirm transaction.

As of now your digital asset is in your Mainnet wallet. From here you simply transfer to OpenSea where you can put it up for sale.

It is also possible to buy and bid for Neon District NFTs on OpenSea.


These are exciting times at Blockade Games, with the phased launch of its flagship Neon District blockchain game. This includes its release on the famous Steam platform.

The game itself looks super exciting for Cyberpunk fans. This added to the fact that the game uses blockchain technology to create NFTs, gives it an edge over run of the mill RPGs.

These NFTs will allow for real world value of your digital assets. This should lead to a liquid marketplace where as more players migrate to the game, prices for items should translate to profits.

We are looking forward to the game release on the 15th of December, and have already acquired 4 loot crates with 2 ultra rare items among the loot.

Finally, we hope to see you in the game, whether friend or foe. You can sign up to Neon District blockchain game via the icon below.

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