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Polyient Games and Polyient Labs may soon become synonymous with NFTs and blockchain gaming.

Have you heard of NFTs? NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are crypto tokens. NFTs are quite different from your average crypto currency.

Each is unique and each unit of NFT is non-interchangeable with others. Each NFT holds a specific that is binded to it and no other NTF is like it.

This is where Polyient games come in. Polyient Games is an investment firm. But it is not just any investment firm, its focus is NTFs and blockchain gaming industries.

What exactly is Polyient Games?

Polyient Games is a pioneer in the NFT industry. It is the first investment firm that fully prioritizes non-fungible tokens.

With the world starting to see the potential of non-fungible tokens, Polyient Games started rolling the wheel.

It was the primary investment firm to capitalize on the potential of NFTs by cashing in on startups. These startups hold the future and lay the foundation through which NFT assets can grow.

What does Polyient Games do other than investing?

Polyient Games is not a company that is new to the scene. It was founded by the same people that brought forward Polyient Labs. Polyient Labs is a primary business incubator.

In simpler terms, they help startups to grow and become independent. They did so by providing the relevant startups with talent, guidance, and much needed capital.

When taken as a whole, Polyient Gaming can be broken down to its two main components. Both these components are contrasting due to the role they play within the organization.

  1. The main: A investment firm that helps develop startups through investing and guidance
  1. The PG Ecosystem: A co-existing environment for like-minded participants.
Battle racers polyient

What is the PG Ecosystem?

The PG Ecosystem or the Polyient Games Ecosystem is a platform built by the company to act as a bridge between entities on the market.

Everyone who is involved in non-fungible tokens can be a part of this. That includes entities from blockchain games, networks, gamers and NFT collectors.

The importance of this platform is its purpose and potential. It is hinted to showcase a limited and unique range of both services and products. This also includes a marketplace dedicated towards NFT.

For companies interested in blockchain games and NFT, this is a massive opportunity to which they can get involved in.

Difference of the Polyient Games Ecosystem when compared with others.

The PG Ecosystem is not another part of the company, it is the core. Other segments revolve around it.

The PG Ecosystem allows the Polyient Games sponsored startups to find a marketplace while its other participants can build partnerships and strengthen their product reach. A two-way exchange that benefits everyone mutually.

The most attractive feature of the Polyient Games Ecosystem is its Openness. There are not any ill-notions or secrets behind the functioning of the system. It is amazingly simple.

  1. The Polyient Games Ecosystem does not limit itself to a single network, token or technology. Instead, it focuses on building up an interface through which different blockchain gaming communities can communicate socially.
  1. Polyient Games want to build the interoperability of Blockchain gaming.
  1. The ecosystem does not limit any of its participants. Companies that are a part of the PG Ecosystem have complete control over themself. The ecosystem does not act as a barrier for development but rather a steppingstone to success.
polyient DEX nfts

Who can benefit from the PG Ecosystem?

The nun-fungible market as of now is heavily disoriented. The companies in the marketspace are comparable to fragments of a puzzle. The goal of the Polyient Games Ecosystem is to unite these to make the bigger picture. A symbiotic relationship between its participants.

  • Blockchain Gaming
  • Decentralized finance
  • Decentralized applications
  • Developer tools
  • VR (Virtual reality)
  • Land (Virtual)

These are a few of the potential participants that can find value in joining the PG Ecosystem.

How can the Polyient Games Ecosystem benefit Blockchain game developers?

The main goal of the PG Ecosystem is to break the barriers that are present between different entities. This applies to Blockchain Games as well. The PG Ecosystem offers a number of features to its developers:

  1. Potential to build an interoperable relationship with other participants of the Polyient Games Ecosystem.
  2. Dedicated dapp/game profiles
  3. PG marketplace will aid the sale of NFT. Necessary support will be provided to its game partners.
  4. Benefits through PGFK holders. These benefits can range from anything such as VIP-Customers to early testers.
  5. Specials discounts on partner services that are both limited and unique.

Sure enough, this does not look like something that will gain value overnight. But it is more of a long-term plan for the participants. A major factor in this is the decentralized communities related to blockchain.

Because of the low adoption numbers that go hand in hand with NFT, we believe Polyient Gaming’s approach is commendable. This is because its open system plays a large role in shifting the mindset. Which can thereby promote mainstream adoption.

Will the Polyient Games Ecosystem only benefit developers?

The PG Ecosystem as we said before, is a two-way exchange. Even though developers are put into the spotlight, other users too, gain benefits from the ecosystem. The system allows users to enhance and grow their NFT portfolio. This is done by allowing them to take part in games and other similar applications. The future of the Polyient Games Ecosystem provides a number of benefits for its users.

  • Polyient Games marketplace allows NFT sales which are exclusive to the user.
  • Attractive rewards for being a participant of the PG Ecosystem through its dynamic wallet feature.
  • Unique DeFi applications along with next generation NFT trading.

Who are the current partners of the PG Ecosystem?

axie infinity polyient games

As we mentioned before, Polyient Games invest in the most promising startups out there. The current partners of the ecosystem are some of the most innovative startups in blockchain gaming you would see.

●      Axie Infinity

Imagine being able to own and train your own fantasy creature. Axie Infinity allows you to do just that. It allows its users to battle others using their own Axies. The game currently has over 7000+ active users.

●      The sandbox

It is a heaven for designers. The sandbox allows you to create your own world, art or game and sell it. All virtual. The game is community-driven and showcases the potential of blockchain gaming and monetization.

●      Battle Racers

An arcade racing game that is developed by Altitude games. The game allows the player to build their perfect battle race car. Compete with other players online. The game even has tournaments being hosted on their discord.

●      Blockchain Cuties

It is a brand new innovative crypto based collectible game. Users get to play with their own unique characters that range from puppies to bears. Players can breed them, train them and trade/battle.

●      Neon District

Neon District is a cyberpunk RPG. Players earn in-game NFT by progressing and playing the game. The game launches this month and we have written a review.

●      Dissolution

A tactical shooter. The FPS game features combat in outer space where the earth has been destroyed. The player is thrown into a world of chaos and mayhem. A battle between AI and humanity, where every gun counts.

The Founder’s keys for Polyient games

These were released to kickstart the PG Ecosystem. The Founder’s keys are also an NFT. They reward the supporters of the specific blockchain game with perks.

These lifetime perks can range from anything such as discounts on sales to pre-launch builds. The main purpose of the Founder’s key is to build up a community prior to the actual launch.

These are a new line of NFTs. When owned these provide its holders with a wide array of benefits that span across the entire ecosystem. The benefit duration has no time limit.

Gamers, NFT collectors and early supporters all gain important perks. Users can use their PGFK’s in a way of their choosing.

Some may use it within games of the Polyient Games Ecosystem, while others may opt to use it on d\DeFi applications. However, you use it, its history and metadata will be recorded on the server, making it unique and increasing its value and history as time progresses.

The PGFK’s follow the ERC-721 token standard and the ERC-2309 extension.

erc 721


These are fractions of a complete Polyient Games Founders token. To be precise 1:1000 of a token. They are ERC-20 tokens that were introduced as a solution to the limitations of liquidity among NFT’s.

XPGPs are the first of its kind. A digital asset that exists in two states simultaneously. Both with unique uses and rewards.

They will be available for trading through the PG marketplace. For a limit cap there will only be 20,000 PGFK, this means at a single point in time there will only ever be 20,000,000 XPGP.

The uses for this digital asset vary:

  1. Acting as a transactional unit within the PG Ecosystem.
  2. A payment option for NFT sales and Auctions
  3. Acting as a trading token for NFT’s listed on the PG Dex.


This is the basic overview of Polyient Games. The system used is evolving as we speak.

Different protocols are being implemented daily. For example, the PG Governance Token. These are available for Gen 0 of PGFK holders.

They allow these users to take decisions that change the course of the Ecosystem.

The PG Ecosystem and its contents are surely going to be a massive part of blockchain gaming in 2021.

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