The Somnium Space virtual world

Somnium space is a truly immersive blockchain-powered virtual world full of endless possibilities.

The overall goal of the project is to create a decentralized virtual environment controlled by its users.

Furthermore, the platform comes with its own virtual economy, meaning users can purchase land, built upon it, and monetize in-game experiences.

The Rise of Virtual Reality

You must have come across the term virtual reality (VR). Did you ever think about what it means and the colossal potential it possesses to transform the world?

First of all, virtual reality is the use of computer technology to create interactive virtual experiences. In other words, VR provides users with the most immersive experience possible and puts the person right inside the simulation.

Therefore, people can experience and interact within a 3D environment with virtual reality goggles and gloves equipped with sensors.

It must be noted, VR is still very much in its early stages of development and the technology is currently limited by the availability of apps to run and cheap computation power.

However, thanks to innovative projects like Somnium Space, Decentraland, and The Sandbox, VR is finally starting to blur the lines between reality and imagination.

somnium space vr

Popularity of Blockchain

Another buzz word taking the virtual reality world by storm is “blockchain.” With the rise of cryptocurrency a few years back, blockchain technology experienced unprecedented attention and research.

In the simplest terms, you can think of Blockchain as a database. A traditional database stores information electronically in the form of tables for easy access.

Databases have to house this information on large servers that require immense power and storage capacity. A business or an organization generally owns it, and they have complete authority over what happens with the data.

On the other hand, Blockchain stores information in the form of discontinuous blocks. Once the block’s storage capacity is filled, it moves to the next block in the chain. This is what gives it the name of Blockchain.

The reason for its immense popularity is that it is transparent to all, and each transaction of data can be traced back to its user.

Somnium Space the best of both worlds?

Both of these technologies seem revolutionary. What if someone were to come up with an amalgamation of both?

You would be glad to know that there is already a platform doing this. It is known as Somnium Space. Somnium is a UK registered company run by 12 VR enthusiasts who are veterans in tech. The project first launched back in 2018 and quickly gained popularity. .

The CEO of Somnium Space pledges to make this platform as immersive and realistic as possible. Thus, they came up with the brilliant idea of creating an open world based on Blockchain. This provides an immersive experience with the ability to buy land, import avatars, and earn money by monetizing.

The Somnium Space Virtual World

Within the Somnium Space virtual world, the possibilities are endless. Users have the freedom to shape the world in any way they see fit. For this reason, users can buy digital accessories, land, and build anything they envision.

Imagine standing on top of a high mountain in the virtual world and looking down; you see thousands of users exploring an alternate reality in real-time.

Traditional VR games divide the players into mirrored instance rooms. However, Somnium provides a single massive world that is capable of hosting all of its players.

Another great feature of the platform is it also provides a real-world map. You can go for a hike, visit the museum, go to the beach, etc., to name a few possibilities.

Also, just like real life, the weather changes daily. For example, if it is sunny, shadows will be cast by the buildings and the avatars.

And that’s not all, the second iteration of Somnium promises even more features. It envisions a persistent server architecture and non-fungible token integration built-in.

This will allow the users to build and deploy their creation on land they already own. Full body avatars and improved graphic fidelity will also grace Somnium 2.0.

Where Blockchain comes into action?

Somnium Space makes use of Ethereum blockchain technology. Users can tokenize their assets from the game, including avatars, land parcels, collections, wearables, etc.

Somnium Cube is the platform’s in-game currency, built upon the ERC-20 token standard. As a result, Somnium Cubes allow users can maintain ownership of their digital possessions. This is a great incentive.

Furthermore, the in-game Somnium store provides additional assets to users to enhance their creations. And users can also sell custom made models and creations.

The future is here!

Social VR and blockchain-powered economies will significantly benefit from this project. Users are equipped to monetize their creations, including avatars, items, or even full structures.

The game thrives on land sales. Virtual land can be purchased, and then the possibilities are endless. There are no limits to imagination.

Three types of land are available in the game; a 10-meter small parcel, a 25-meter medium parcel, and a 50-meter large parcel. However, additional heights and widths can be purchased and merged.

Additionally, the software development kit (SDK) allows the importation of complete scenes and objects into the Somnium platform.


Somnium space is here to stay. The company envisions creating a virtual environment that is as close to reality as possible, packed with exciting features and a world of possibilities.

The in-world economy and cross-platform VR world are unprecedented steps that promise an entire paradigm shift of the industry.

The team behind the project are striving to provide the best experience possible and sees the community as integral to its success. Therefore, the feedback of players will play a significant role in shaping the future destiny of the platform.

All in all, Somnium space is quite revolutionary. It will, however, require some time to mature.

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