Axie Infinity digital trading card game and Universe

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon inspired blockchain game, in which you breed and collect fiery little creatures known as Axies.

Axies are little ‘pets’, who love nothing more, than to explore the far reaches of their Universe, fighting in mortal combat, campaigning in far flung galaxies, searching for treasures, and breeding new little Axies.

Oh no, they sound like the gaming equivalent of Genghis Khan and his horde of not so gallant warriors. Although, I must say I’ve always had a soft spot for Ole’ Genghis.

Anyway, they are similar to other blockchain gaming favorites such as CryptoKitties and CryptoTitties!!! (yes, came across it whilst researching. Some have been sold, that is all I know for cert).

Despite the similarities to others in the genre, it has some unique features. Axie Infinity’s popularity is undeniable and it regularly features in the top 5 of most played Ethereum based games. Moreover, the number of players rocketed from 3000 at the start of 2020 to over 27,000 by the end.

Furthermore, Polyient Games, an investment firm that focuses on start ups that incorporate blockchain and NFTs into their games, are early investors. They put the start ups in an ‘incubator’, helping them through guidance and investment capital.

We have written articles on other blockchain games Polyient have invested in. One is Neon District, which launched its beta version and will be available on Steam when the full version comes out. Another is Sandbox, which incidentally, has Atari the gaming giant, as another investor.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is one of the new generation, play to earn games where players can win in game commodities, that have real world value. They do this by using blockchain technology to create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

This means that each Axie you breed, or trade is unique to an NFT. All data related to the Axie is recorded, including its in game attributes and rarity on the blockchain.

Coupled with the rarity aspect of the game is the Axie marketplace where you can buy and sell your feisty little creatures.

 In fact, a Chinese student attending Harvard bought the most expensive Axie to date, in November last year. He paid 300 Ethereum for it. At the time 1 Ethereum was trading for around $450.  

Angel the world's most expensive Axie

Sign up to play Axie Infinity

First of, you need to download a Metamask wallet from the Google store and add Ethereum Cryptocurrency. Metamask and other crypto wallets are essential for signing up and playing many of the new blockchain games.

Once, you have set up and connected a Metamask wallet, you go over to the marketplace to buy your first Axies.

It must be noted, that to begin playing Axie Infinity you must first acquire 3 Axies. This may be prohibitive to a lot of players because of the relatively high prices. Also, check Gas fees before buying, at the moment, they are unbelievably high.

There are 2 types of Axie you can purchase to enter the game.

My recommended way, would be to buy eggs. Although this method is longer, it is quite interesting. Once bought your egg takes 24 hours to hatch into a larva. It then takes a further 48 hours before it morphs into a Petite Axie. Finally, after another 48 hours in again morphs into a fully mature fighting Axie.

The other method is to buy a mature Axie in the marketplace. But hey, where is the fun in that? Moreover, they are more expensive.

Prices of Axies 6-1-22
Axie market prices on 8th Jan. 2020.

Now, having bought your 3 Axies, you can download the application. When complete, you will be asked to fill in your email and password. After that, check your email for a verification email. Click on the link.

What is an Axie?

To begin with, each Axie you create is unique. It has its own characteristics and stats.


The stats comprise 4 parts; skill, speed, health and morale. Here you can read what stats mean in Axie Infinity .

First, Skill adds damage when you play multiple cards at once.

Second, Speed dictates your turn in the game. The Axies with the best speed go first. Your chances of suffering a critical blow in the game also diminish.

Third, Health determines the amount of damage your Axie can soak up before it is KO’d.

Fourth, Morale increases your chance of landing a critical strike. Moreover, your strike is 100% more affective.

Axie class Reptile
Axie Reptile

Types of Axies

Right now, there are nine different classifications of Axies. It is essential that you not only know what your own Axie can do, but you should also be aware of what your opponent is capable of.

Therefore, having the right combination of Axies is way important than you might think. So do your homework work on how to make yourself a good squad.

Again each type of Axie brings its strengths and weaknesses to Axie Infinity. Originally, there were 6 classes of Axie, but this has increased to 9, with the inclusion of 3 ‘secret’ classes.

Axie class Bug
Axie Bug
  • Beast: These axies are basically warriors. They possess high attack influences, acute hits, and accuracy. These are essentials to have.
  • Aquatic: These types have great attacking capabilities, greater speed, and hit points while having extremely low accuracy also.
  • Plants: These axies are called tanks as they have considerably higher hit points and defense abilities.
  • Bird: These have high speed and better attack, but they have a poor defense.
  • Bug: Bugs have high accuracies, but they have poor attacking abilities.
  • Reptile: These are very well rounded but are extremely rare; you are incredibly lucky to have one in your squad; the reason is that they are all-rounders, better in defense, attack, accuracy, and hit points.
Axie class Bird
Axie Bird

The 3 ‘secret classes are;

  • Mech: They are the progeny of a purebred bug Axie and a purebred Beast Axie.
  • Dawn” – They are the progeny of a purebred Bird Axie and a purebred Plant Axie.
  • Dusk” – They are the progeny of a purebred Aquatic Axie and a purebred Reptile Axie.
Class Dusk
Axie Dusk

Axie Infinity Battles

To begin with you will need to chose a force of 3 Axies for each Battle. Then, when it is your turn you must play your cards with military style precision, in order to maximize the damage you inflict on your opponent.

Next, you should choose the best tactical set up for your team. Most new players set up with 2 attackers and 1 defender.

Each Axie has 4 cards that are related to different body parts. The mouth tail, horn and back.

body part cards
Body part cards showing attacking and defending power

Now, you need Axies that are up to the fight. When choosing defenders you need Axies that can withstand a good battering.

Ideally, they should have Health stats of over 50 and at least 2 cards with shield score of less than 70, but preferably a lot higher.

Following on, there are certain stats to take into account when choosing attackers. First, you need to have Axies with at least 2 damage dealing cards of over 100.

They are more vulnerable to damage, as they give away defense capabilities for greater damage inflicted.

Breeding Axies

If, you have ever had a pet that produced young it is quite possible it brings back fond memories. Well, rekindle that feeling in the Digital World as you breed Axies.

Breed little blighters and send them out to battle on your behalf, or send them straight to the marketplace and sell for a profit.

I would like to point out that there are certain restrictions to breeding, such as each Axie only being able to breed 7 times.

Another, is the need for Small Love Potions (SLP) which you can win by participating in games and adventures. Yet another is cost, especially the current high Gas fees on the Ethereum Network. You can find a full run down on breeding Axies on their Sub stack.

The sub stack includes in depth explanations on tings including, matching genetically the best parents for cross-breeding each class of Axie.

In Conclusion

Axie Infinity has a lot to going for it, but also a significant drawback.

First, if you are a fan of Pokémon like card games, then this is right up your street. You have to built up a good group of Axies to compete in battles and adventures to garner in game items and tokens.

Added to this, is the use of blockchain technology to turn each Axie into an NFT which is recorded on the blockchain. This creates a scarcity from which you can possibly make a profit (or lose), buying and selling in the marketplace.

Another plus we must not forget, is the simple pleasure you get from breeding and taking care of your digital pets,

Nonetheless, all is not rosy in the garden. One glaring negative is the expense that you must incur to download the game. Prices you now pay for a new Axie are high, with the lowest dollar prices in the low 40’s,

Coupled with sky-rocketing Gas fees there may be a slowdown on the games growth and slower acceptance from main stream gamers.

All things considered, if you can get over the high entry threshold, then you are sure to enjoy Axie Infinity digital trading card game.

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