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The Crypto artist Burst_ has kindly taken time out, from his creative endeavors in crypto art, to give a very enlightening interview into what makes, one the most active digital artists in the NFT artworld tick.

Crypto art and its creators, digital artists, have been making a big splash, not only in the crypto sphere, but also in the mainstream art world. Last year, we saw a huge increase in sales of digital/crypto art NFTs.

December 2020 alone saw crypto art NFT sales of over $8 million.

Furthermore, the number of platforms that on which you can mint and sell digital art has seen a steady increase.

These include platforms such as SuperRare, OpenSea, Rarible, Cargo, MakersPlace and more.

Biography of a crypto artist Burst_

What is your background?

My name is burst_ I am originally from Vienna, Austria and I’ve been minting crypto art since November 2019. The first piece of crypto art I ever minted was called “burst_laughter“ (November 2019).

My historic background:

In November 2019 I came to Peru to support my girlfriend who is working as a psychotherapist with the underprivileged population. In addition, I had a solo exhibition planned for April 2020 in Lima.

After that, we wanted to travel in Latin America. But, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the exhibition was canceled and we also had to postpone our travel plans.

Therefore, we decided to stay in Peru, since my girlfriend’s work had become important. Moreover, we wanted to be at the same place in the world in these times.

My artistic background:

I’ve studied in the fields of music and art and I’ve worked as a restorer of wood, metal and walls for several years. These include, some of the most historic buildings and objects in Vienna.

My last project, I worked on a reconstruction of a wall frieze by Koloman Moser on the Viennese secession.

If you wish, you can follow this link to the project: (no my name is not mentioned anywhere 😉 )
I have even made a NFT related to this wall frieze from the making-of material, minted on SuperRare ‘Der Reigen der Kranzträgerinnen’: kranztr%C3%A4gerinnen-8414

Besides that, I have worked as a gallery assistant in a gallery in the first district and quarter, at an International art fair in Vienna.

With my band and projects, I’ve toured in Europe and spent what feels like years in recording studios.

Before, I decided to create my alter ego burst_ I had several group and solo exhibitions.

However, due to life changing events, I transformed into burst_.
I stay anonymous not just because of an artistic statement but also because of future artistic endeavors I wish to undertake. Therefore, I do it to protect myself and those whom I love!

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What does art mean to you?

It is part of who I am. I (“do“) art everyday. It is a way of thinking, of being. I’m not thinking about ‘doing it’. I simply do IT whenever I can. Art is Life <-> Life is Art :).

For me, Art also means freedom and it has a huge liberating effect on me.

Who/what are your most important artistic influences?

Early years

My artistic influences go way back into my childhood. I grew up with art all around me. My father was an artist and my mother worked in a record store.

I can still remember the strong smell of oil colors in our apartment where I grew up. That is in addition to all the afternoons listening to records from all ages and genres in the store where my mother worked. It was beautiful.

Besides that very important and groundbreaking influence, from the very beginning I had many influences.

Since my father adored Pablo Picasso and many books of him were lying around I was studying his work when I was a child..

I also studied many different artists but foremost amongst them were painters, such as, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Joan Miro, Mark Rothko, Monet and Van Gogh.

Similarly, I loved Old Egyptian Art a lot. It spoke to me when I was a child.

Equally, growing up in Austria there was no way around Gustav Klimt and
Egon Schiele and the Jugendstil in general.

Later in life, I actually worked on a major historic reconstruction of a wall frieze on ‘THE’ Jugendstil building in Vienna = the Viennese secession.

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Teens and beyond

But these are just the tip of the iceberg. I had so much different artistic influences from music (playing in a dozen different bands, producing music, touring, songwriting and so on), to performance art, video art, movies, books, poetry, animations, digital art, contemporary fine art.

Whenever I got the chance I visited museums as often as I could. Sometimes, I have even flew to a city where there was a certain exhibition.

What type of crypto art do you create and what motivates you to make it?

My art is described as:

“post-neo-expressionism and digital art“ and “futuristic-hybrid organic ,post-neo-expressionistic artworks as well in a digital as physical form.

These are multi- and mixed media artworks which are supported by video, animation, digital media and actual painting. He often plays with motives which are repeating itself, a sort of code. Transformative processes of the human psyche in a digital age constitute an important focal point of his work_“

I am very much interested in bridging the gap between physical art and digital art (yes also with Augmented Reality which I’m starting to implement more and more in coming artworks).

I love creating worlds unseen before, expanding the artistic possibilities and creating my own vocabulary.

How do you make your living?

For the last couple of months I can say I make my living with crypto art, which is absolutely amazing to me!

From your own experience can you see more people coming into the digital art space?

Absolutely! I recognize this, by the fact that more and more people started to text me about crypto art on Instagram and Twitter.

Like total strangers, people/artists (from absolute amateurs to art directors) who reached out to me for advice and information about the space.

I actually helped a couple of artists entering the space and seeing them having success is really joyful and fills me with satisfaction!!

The community is amazing!

What do you predict for the future of crypto art?

Digital Art/Crypto Art has the potential to become the most important artistic movement in art history! This is my honest opinion and guess.

Crypto art in focus

“At the exhibition Part 1: This artwork is on fire on SuperRare

What does this artwork mean to you? How are those ideas expressed in this artwork?

This piece is part of my “At the exhibition“-series where I play with the motif of the artwork being exhibited at an art fair or in a gallery.

What role has the artwork in such a space, which meaning has it? And what does it do with the observer?

In my animated crypto art, the artwork itself is a portal to a different realm. The realm of imagination, a different dimension, a gateway which opens up to the observer, who immerses himself in the work.

Or put into other words: The artwork serves as an object of immersion through which the viewer is able to immerse himself in this different reality.

The object / work of art becomes something magical.. something more than in its usual context.

I imagined an exhibit where one walks thru different rooms of the exhibition and finds different artworks..

Equally, the observer can enter thru the artworks into a different dimension.

When the observer stands in front of the artwork and behaves in a certain way or speaks the right spell or bring himself into a higher consciousness the observer is able to open up the gateway thru the artwork itself.

On Fire, Fire, Fire. View now

Is the influence of other artists or other parts of the overall culture evident in this piece? If so, who or what and how?

I was influenced by years of science fiction and actual interest in physics. I stood myself in front of the most iconic artworks of art history when I was living in Vienna. As often as I could I studied Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Klimt, Schiele, Rothko, Basquiat in person.

And I asked myself these questions.

The artwork which functions as something more than its usual banal meaning. The artwork which transforms the creator and the artwork which then transforms the observer.

How does it fit in (or not) with the rest of your artwork?

I would say it is an essential piece of my work in 2020 and in continuation of my artistic progress.

Marketing crypto art

What types of goods and services do you have for sale?

I have my digital artworks/NFTs for sale on platforms like SuperRare, Rarible, MakersPlace, OpenSea and recently I started to sell the digital with the physical piece like for example:


Is there pricing information you can offer here, to give potential buyers an idea of the “order of magnitude” of your pricing?

It really depends on the artwork! How complex the piece is therefore how much work it was creating it. But to give an estimation: a single edition piece is now around 2000 $ (as of 30. January 2021).

What is the best way/place for people to contact you?



Parallel Universe by crypto artist Burst_ Check it out

We would like to finish, by once again thanking Burst_ for giving us an incite into his fascinating live both before and now in the crypto art world. We wish him the greatest success for the future.

Our next interview in the crypto artist interviews is in a couple of weeks. So please check back.

Moreover, we are open to ideas on who to include. If you have a favorite digital artist or you are a crypto artist, please contact us.

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