Decentral games the World’s first metaverse casino

Decentral games are a new casino metaverse within Decentraland.   

So, you are saying to yourself, “big deal, another casino”.

Well, Decentral games takes your online casino experience to a whole new dimension.

Here you are transported to a virtual world that allows for virtual and augmented reality. All this whilst playing your favorite casino games, in a 3D setting, within Vegas City, Decentraland.

Once in the metaverse you will find casino stables such as, blackjack, slots, roulette, backgammon, and soon to be added, poker.

Likewise, as the name suggests there is more than one casino in the space.

Moreover, things look to have become even rosier for the future of Decentral Games.

This is with the announcement of a partnership with the legendary gaming brand Atari, which is to open a casino in May of this year.

decentraland layout

What casinos do Decentral Games have to offer?

Decentral now has a total of four casino operators, with this latest announcement.  The other operators are Chateau Satoshi, Tominoya and Serenity Island.

Chateau Satoshi

Decentral games casino

The casino is a throwback to the roaring 20’s with its Art Deco design. It covers three floors, and consists of a casino, theatre, and nightclub. You can find games on each floor.


Tominoya decentral casino

This is the latest casino operator to join Decentral games. They gave their casino a Japanese theme.

The casino is lead out on two floors, with each having three wings. There is also a conference hall, where live streaming events can be held.

However, the casino has a further twist. The casino makes available 40 NFTs, with each containing either a roulette table or 4 slots. These NFTs are parcels of LAND, which the holder must lease for a set period.

If, you hold these NFTs, you earn a passive income of 30%, of all profits attained from your space each month. Then, out of this 30% profit each month, you must pay 70% of all gains each month until you have paid the casino the full amount of the lease.

After, you pay the full amount due for the lease period, you then receive the full 30% of the profits each month.

Serenity Island

Serenity island

Next, we have Serenity Island casino. You are treated to an experience based on the Grand Casino, Monte Carlo. The casino floor plan is laid out on 3 floors. The first two contain casino games, while the basement contains a nightclub.

Serenity has a novel entrance also. Before you enter the casino, you need to scale the island on which it is set.

Atari Casino

Atari on Decentral games

Atari began operations in 1972 and brought trailblazers us such as Pong and Asteroid.

More recently, the company has been investing in different blockchains, including Sandbox and Arkane Network.

Now, their latest venture into the crypto sphere is a partnership with Decentral games.

Therefore, this coming May, the new Atari casino will open in Vegas City, Decentraland.

They have acquired 20 parcels on which you will find games of chance and games that combine chance and skill.

 Additionally, the Atari themed games will include those that will forever be associated with Atari. So, be ready for a nostalgia filled trip.

Games available in Decentral casinos


When, you play Blackjack the table can accommodate 4 gamblers and uses 4 decks of cards.

First, to place a bet, you click on a place at the table. You then hover on the chips and click the amount you wish to wager.

After that, the other players at the table have 8 seconds in which to join the game.

The casino follows the usual Blackjack rules including, doubling down and splitting pairs.

Finally, the maximum bet is 500 Dai or 2000 Mana, with the house having a 0.73% edge.

casino games on Decentral


In Decentral games, you may find the slots a little archaic. You interact with a plain slot which contains 3 reels and 4 icons. You also have the choice of 3 amounts to bet.

Once you click on the amount, a smart contract is initiated on Slots Matic. After, a result is produced it is sent to the console and your address is updated.

Furthermore, the house has a 15.8% edge. For instance, it has been calculated that after 1000 spins, your expected return would be 824x of the initial layout.


As with Blackjack, the rules for Backgammon are the standard casino rules. You have 2 players per table who place bets by clicking on a chip, before the game begins. The first player to remove all their pieces of the table wins.

Again, a smart contract is created, and once verified, your account is updated.

At the end of the game, the house takes a 10% fee out of the winning pot.


To play Roulette in any of the Decentral games casinos, you basically follow the same procedures as above. The casino uses the European roulette set up. With 36 numbers to bet on, red and black, high and low, odds and evens.

The maximum bet is 250 Dai and 2000 Mana per spin. Similarly, the bets and wins again use smart contracts.

Here, the house edge is 2.70% before they pay the Gas fees.


At the moment, there are no poker tables. However, that is to soon be rectified.

connect metamask

How to play

First you will need to connect your Metamask wallet which you can download at Then you need to click on download and choose to install on Chrome.

Next, click on the Chrome extension. Now follow the instructions to set up your wallet.

Please note, it is of the utmost importance to save a copy of your 12-word seed phrase.

Once, you have set up the wallet you can now buy either Mana or Dai using crypto or a credit card. To do this, you click on your avatar name and choose one of the 2 options (Dai or Mana).

purchase crypto for Decentral games

After that, choose your method of payment and then follow the instructions.

Finally, you need to transfer your Mana or Dai to the Matic network.

Again, go to your avatar, click on enable Mana/Dai gameplay, sign the Metamask authorization for Eth and then Mana/Dai on Matic.

Now, you go back to your avatar, press deposit to open Matic, then press deposit and enter amount.

Enjoy the casino.

Earn rewards $DG tokens

$DG, the native utility tokens are how transactions occur within the Decentral games eco-system. Using a native utility token adds security and simplifies settlements.

There are 3 ways to earn $DG rewards.

Gameplay rewards

The first is through gameplay mining. Every time you play a game with Dai or Mana on Decentral games you are rewarded with $DG.

Liquidity incentives

The second way you can earn $DG is through liquidity farming. To begin liquidity farming you will need ETH and $DG in your account. You can buy $DG by going to Uniswap.

Next, go to the ETH-$DG pair on Uniswap and choose liquidity on the top right corner. You now enter the amount you wish to deposit.

After that, you must sign 2 transactions; ‘Authorize $DG’ and ‘add liquidity to the pool’.

 $DG liquidity on Uniswap

Now that you have added liquidity, you will be given Uniswap-V2 ETH-DG LP tokens.

So, you have the liquidity tokens, go to the $DG liquidity farming dashboard and connect your wallet.

Thereupon, enter the amount of V2 you wish to stake and click stake UNI-V2 ETH-DG tokens and sign the transaction.

You are now farming $DG. You can withdraw your rewards by simply clicking on the ‘claim DG’ and signing the transaction.

Governance awards

You can earn governance rewards by staking your $DG. Again, you will first need to have $DG in your wallet. Apart from Uniswap you can also purchase $DG on 1inchexchange or Balancer.

Follow this up by going to the $DG governance dashboard, entering the amount you wish to stake and click the transaction.

You are now garnering $DG which you can withdraw at any time.


We are still at the beginning of the Blockchain and NFT revolution. Decentral Games is the first casino metaverse and they have a world-famous gaming company, Atari on board.

Therefore, I would think they have a bright future, as players are always looking for new thrills and this is a first.

Why not give the casinos a go? What have you got to lose (forgive the pun)?

If, you are thinking of farming the token it is advisable to DYOR. This is a review of the eco-system, not financial advice.

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