Blockreward app earn crypto online

Blockreward app may just be one of the easiest ways to make crypto online.

So, Who amongst you has not asked yourself the question, ‘How can I make money online?’

Then, others, will have asked ‘How can I make Crypto online?’

One of the most popular answers to the first question is, join one of those sites, where you can earn money from doing such things, as online surveys and testing products.

One example of the more reputable companies in this niche include, which offers some great payments for doing surveys.

As for the answer to the second question, you may just find your answer by joining

What is Blockreward

First, Blockreward app is a company, which offers you payment in crypto for completing tasks and shopping online with their partners.

After, you have completed a task you get rewarded a certain amount of ‘b’. I would like to point out, the amount you receive depends on the task you have finished.

Tasks include fun quizzes, surveys, watch videos, complete daily tasks, try new apps and games, complete quests and receive free crypto every Friday.

All you have to do is sign up on their website.

It must be noted, that to receive your crypto rewards from Blockreward app, you need to open a Uphold account. In case, you are unaware of Uphold, you can read more about them in our review of Uphold Mastercard.

Earn crypto with Blockreward app

You have seven different ways that you can earn crypto. You can shop online, complete offers from Blockreward’ s partners, try out new apps and games, watch videos, do surveys, complete daily quests and join in #free crypto Fridays.

shop with Blockreward app and earn crypto
Shop online

Would I be right in saying that you have bought something online in the last year?

Your answer is more than likely to be yes. Ecommerce has exploded in the last year because of Covid restrictions.

Therefore, why not save yourself some money by receiving cash back in crypto when you shop with Blockreward apps partners.

These include, Alibaba, McAfee, GeekBuying, and DressLilly.

In each case, you receive a certain percentage discount that is rewarded in crypto.


On the Blockreward app, you first navigate to the ‘earn’ page. Then click on ‘offers’. After that, you choose on one of their four partners. These are Adscendmedia, AdGatemedia, Adgem and OfferToro.

Finally, you choose whichever offer you like and complete the instructions. Once you have completed each step you will be rewarded with ‘b’, and you account will be automatically updated.


As the name suggests, you have to download apps on to your telephone. There are different rules for each app before you get your rewards. For some, it is a matter of downloading and opening the app.

However, for others like Harvest Land (which I downloaded and can’t stop playing) you need to reach a certain level before you receive your anything in your Blockrewards app. Among the apps on offer are games and trading apps.

Blockreward app

On this page, Blockreward app has 2 video partners, and Hideout.TV. All you do is sign up and watch videos. For each advertisement you watch during a video, you will be rewarded by the video partner. You simply redeem the points on Blockreward app for ‘b’.

You can also earn crypto in a similar fashion on Aioz Tube which you can read more about.


Filling out surveys has long been a way to make some extra cash. Well, now you can earn crypto instead. You first complete a personal survey with their partners. Once, you finish the survey you then proceed to complete surveys that most match your profile.

For each survey you complete you will then be rewarded with ‘b’.

I must say, that with surveys ,you can spend 5 minutes filling out the required fields, only to be given a message that says you are not suitable.


There are 6 different quests that you can complete to get extra rewards. These include a bonus for watching videos every day, signing in, referring friends and completing new user milestones.

Free crypto Fridays

The final way to earn on Blockreward app is to follow them on Twitter and Telegram. Each Friday they release a promo code that you copy from their social media accounts. Next, you go to the app and enter the code for free ‘b’.


All in all, Blockrewards app is an easy way to make crypto online. Furthermore there are a variety of ways to earn your crypto from watching short videos’ and playing games, all the way to completing long surveys.

Also of note, are the good reviews on (4.5 stars) and

Please feel free to leave a comment, especially if you disagree or have any negatives about Blockreward app.

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