Earn crypto with Aioz Tube and Aioz network nodes

Aioz Tube is a new streaming service or Content Delivery Network (CDN) created by the Aioz Network, that allows you to earn crypto.

They state that they intend ‘a revolution ’in the streaming entertainment industry by using blockchain tech.

They can do this because ‘AIOZ uses a faster, cheaper, and more robust platform for content streaming making it affordable, fast, and of better quality’.

The fact that, the network uses blockchain for streaming may appear complicated, but it is so simple that you yourself can become part of the network and earn Aioz.

How they do this on Aioz Tube, is to employ blockchain to decentralize distribution, dCDN.

Aioz network uses worker nodes, which they use to store pieces of videos,, that they then send anywhere in the world to be streamed.

You can download these worker nodes if you have a computer and broadband width.

Aioz tube

Additionally, Aioz Tube is like other streaming serves such as YouTube, Netflix and Instagram, where content creators earn through advertising.

However, Aioz differs in that the rewards are not only for content creators but also viewers who watch ads. They are paid in the networks own crypto currency, Aioz.

So, all in all, between Aioz Network and Aioz Tube, you can earn crypto in 3 ways;

1. .You watch ads on Aioz Tube.

2. . You become a content creator.

3. You download and open a worker node.

Aioz Tube

Aioz tube is the Aioz streaming service. The idea behind it is to change how people stream their videos and music. With each of the other streaming services such as the colossus YouTube, use a central server, which can become overwhelmed and cause delays in streaming.

They also state that by using blockchain tech they can reduce costs and give viewers the choice of earning Aioz.

Watch Aioz Tube ads to earn crypto

To start earning on Aioz Tube, you first need to go to their website and sign up with an email and password. You can use the link at the end of the article.

Once, you log into the site go your avatar in the top right and click on it. Then, you scroll down to my wallet and click. You are then prompted to set up a wallet.

When done, you are given a private key that you should both download and copy off line.

After that, you also need to copy down a mnemonic of 24 words. It is very important to keep both of these safe, as they are needed if you forget your password or download your wallet to a different device.

First, set a strong password and click on download Keystore.

It is of the utmost importance for you to to keep your Keystore safe, as it is needed if you forget your password.

Crypto wallet

You now have your Aioz wallet into which any rewards you earn from watching ads will be deposited.

Become a content creator and earn

At the moment it is early days on Aioz Tube. It is in the testnet phase and to become a content creator is a simple process. Aioz is using a similar system to Brave in that viewers can tip their favorite content creators.

To begin earning, you simply click on the ‘upload video’ icon and select the video you wish to upload from your files.

Please note that the maximum video size is limited to 300mb,and we do not know if that will increase.

description of video

Now that, you have uploaded the video click on the edit icon.

Presently, you are brought to the editor. Simply add a title, description, choose a category and choose ‘public’ in the visibility box before clicking update.

Your video is now published on Aioz Tube and viewers can tip you for your content.

Meanwhile, you can also choose to set your video as a “premium’ video. In this instance you can set a price that viewers must pay before they can watch your video. The prices are set in Aioz.

premium video

You are now set up to earn crypto as a content creator on Aioz Tube.

For the third way to earn Aioz we wish to go into a little more detail and explain how the network operates.

How does Aioz network function?

The Aioz network integrates a lattice of worker nodes to make a dCDN.

Aioz worker nodes can be downloaded as an app, onto any laptop, desktop, or smart phone.

They will then want to use 3 resources on your PC. These are your extra hardware space, your cpu/gpu cycles and your broadband width.

Meanwhile, the node will use the extra computing power to help with blockchain tasks ‘like transcoding, storing, distributing, and delivering content’.

In return you will receive rewards in the form of Aioz tokens.

download Aioz worker node

Aioz worker node

So, you want to become part of the Aioz network and earn crypto?

Well, first thing you need to do is go to the network (we have inserted a link in the conclusion) and click on download node. You will find this on the upper right.

Next, you open the installation file and choose a strong password.

As before, you need to copy down your private key and mnemonic Recovery Phrase. This time for your worker node account.

Finally, before moving on to the node set up press ‘confirm and finish’.

Worker node for Aioz network

Set up Aioz worker node

At this stage, you may be given a prompt to to allow access. You then proceed to either set up a wallet if you have not done so on Aioz tube. .

Alternatively, you can unlock your Aioz tube wallet. You need the wallet to receive the rewards you get for being part of the network.

To withdraw rewards you enter your Aioz wallet address, the amount you wish to withdraw and your worker node (edge node) password.

earn crypto

Now that everything is set up, you just sit back and start earning a passive income from crypto.


Aioz Tube has great potential. I remember last year writing articles about Brave browser rewards and telling friends and colleagues to download it. This was when BAT was worth 10 cents

As usual the skeptics prevailed, but when I showed them the $100 dollars I made from 3 devices over the last year they were silent.

Aioz Tube and Aioz Network have the same potential.

Why not earn some rewards while watching streamed videos?

You deserve a bit of the action for sitting through ads.

Why not earn as a content creator?

None of the YouTube barriers to jump before you earn. You get your just rewards from day 1.

Why not earn rewards from hiring out broadband width?

You are paying for it.

Also, you feel part of a worldwide community chipping away these monopolies and earning a slice of the pie.

On a final note, Aioz Tube is in testnet mode, so there may be blips along the way, but we are excited about the whole idea. Why not sign up for Aioz Tube and Aioz network node.

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