World’s first NFT feature length film to be auctioned

You are about to witness the first ever auction of a NFT feature length film. The auction for ‘He Who Lives in Hidden Lake’ is taking place on OpenSea and ends on the 14th of May 2021.

The producer, Anthony Gibson states

“My fellow filmmaker and director of He Who Lives in Hidden Lakes, Zach Lona, and I are spreading the word about our project. The possibilities of a new film distribution model. that puts more power in the hands of individual artists”.

Here is the link to the auction on OpenSea.

world's first NFT feature length movie

The following is the official press release.

NFT feature length film

Cryptid Adventure Feature “He Who Lives in Hidden Lakes” Launches Auction as the First 1/1 NFT Movie.

Chicago, IL – 27 April 2021 – “He Who Lives In Hidden Lakes,” is a feature-length joint production between Eleusinian Productions and Familiar Pictures.

It marks a new era for independent film distribution by taking the first single-edition NFT movie in history to auction on the OpenSea marketplace.

The non-fungible token (a unique certificate on the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain) includes a special 1/1 physical edition of the film. This is as well as the right to 50% of the producer’s gross streaming revenue during ownership.

“He Who Lives In Hidden Lakes” is an adventure mockumentary about a cult leader (Sarah Kopp), an internet mystic (Kevin K. Gomez), and a rogue rookie cop (Lucas Lona) as they search for the “Hidden Man”.

The Hidden Man is an elusive cryptid that wreaks havoc on their idyllic suburb.

The auction has a starting bid of roughly $100,000 in cryptocurrency, and will run for one month with a closing date of May 14th.

Meanwhile, if the film doesn’t sell, it will never be publicly available online. “This is new territory for film distribution, and there is a lot of potential,” commented producer Anthony Gibson.

Furthermore, “If an eventual buyer has access to a large audience, they stand to make serious passive income. They can do this by directing them to the movie’s streaming link.”

Finally, in March of this year, the film won “Best Experimental Feature” at Midwest WeirdFest in Eau Claire, WI.

Why buy the first ever NFT feature length film

There are many benefits to ownership of the World’s first feature length NFT.

Not least, is the fact that it is, THE WORLD’S FIRST NFT FEATURE LENGTH FILM.

As the eventual owner of this unique and history making NFT you will receive-

  • a USB drive which consists of ‘the one true lossless, full resolution surround sound copy, of the film with an NFT lead card’.
  • Certification of authenticity token ID
  • A unique steel box containing a Blu-ray copy of the world’s first ever NFT feature length film.
  • Poster signed by the main actors and director.

You will be entitled to 50% of gross streaming revenue for as long as you own the NFT.

Another avenue you can explore as owner of the NFT, is fractional tokenization, allowing for others to buy in.

Furthermore, this is a great opportunity to become part of film history.

If, you are thinking about entering the auction you can email them. You will then get a screener of the full movie and to read the full contract.

Before though, why not check out their official website and IMDb.


This is history in the making. We have been hearing how NFTs will eventually become part of many industries.

Now we are witnessing the World’s first ever NFT feature length film, which if trends in NFTs are to continue could become amazingly valuable. This is one of many world NFT firsts that we should witness in the coming months.

We are looking forward to the end of the auction to see the eventual owner of this piece of film history.

And can’t wait to see the film when it is streamed.

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